SWEEP FX doesn't effect any longer in the Headphones when Prelistening after migration to v 3.1.0

Good evening to all of you and @JWiLL,

congratulations and many thanks to DENON’s staff for this update.

Yesterday I detected that after migrating to Engine DJ v3.1.0 the Sweep FX trimmer potentiometer (item 12 in the manual) doesn’t effect any longer in the headphones, when Sweep FX Buttons (item 21 in the manual) are activated and flickering. Today I could repeat this, no effect in the headphones when prelistening. I rebooted the system, restored v3.0.1. and these Sweep FX (Filter, Echo, Wash and Noise) worked absolutely properly; then migrated to v3.1.0. again, and no SWEEP FX effects in the headphone when prelistening. This item regards all four platters.

As said, before v3.1.0. this prelistening function worked properly, and so I ask kindly for some advise as follows:

  • Did anybody else dedected this problem as well?

  • Is this function no longer available commencing with v.3.1.0.?

Any kind of assistence / advise is highly appreciated and if it is a bug indeed, DENON’s staff is kindly requested to amend it please at their earliest convenience. But I can’t believe that this is a bug.

btw.: Master and booth outs are working properly as in the past. Zone is not activated /not applicable.

Thank you very much for your endeavours in this matter.

Brgds BeatMaster


Yes, Mate. My Prime 4 also has the same problem. I tried re-updating, but the problem persists: no sweep FX (or other effects) in headphone when prelistening!


Moin @mici.med,

thanks for your feedback.

Re-updating (I think, you mean to update the same v.3.1.0. a second time) doesn’t ease this problem. Today I toggled again between v3.1.0. and v3.0.1. Now it is obviously: The problem occurs with the update to v3.1.0. I will remain on v3.0.1. as I need the Sweep FX’s more than the other news, and I hope honestly that this feature isn’t deleted purposely.

You may estimate how much I’m disappointed.

Enjoy the weekend and good luck.

Brgds BeatMaster


Yes, I mean to update the same v.3.1.0. a second time, think it’s a bug that they will fix soon. In any case I leave the v3.1.0 and will wait for the next update. bye @BeatMaster

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Hello, today I updated the OS to 3.1.0. I wasn’t connected to any output speaker so I tried to listen new Touch EFX on headphones but no EFX are listened on music cue. I listen Sweep EFX and FX1/2 , only if headphone mix knob is on Master.

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I confirm after updating to version 3.1 no effects work in headphones in CUE mode on P4, not only SWEEP FX … failure


Moin @renmachado,

thank’s for your reply.

The procedure, you describe is imo proper.

There is a difference between FX1 / FX2 on the one hand (you had never heard these effects when prelistening)

and SWEEP FX on the other hand (these effects you heard in your headphone when prelistening [cue]. It is the feature for beatmatching to control high, mid-range and bass and to assimilate the [four] tracks / channels for transition).

Enjoy the day

Brgds BeatMaster

Dear community,

just updated to 3.1., and now my sweep fx knobs aren’t working anymore, no matter what effect i use, and the touch fx control appears on my screen, but does nothing at all (even my cue buttons to prelisten now show a strange behavior). I updated via wifi AND usb - no difference. A few minutes ago i downgraded to 3.0.1 - now the sweep knobs (and the prelisten cue buttons) work perfectly again. Anybody here has same issues? And can someone explain why some people have those issues and others don’t? It must be a hardware problem, or what do you think? Thanks for your replies in advance!

Cheers, Jürgen

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With the recent version that moved mixer and effects control from DSP to CPU, we got new effects and other cool stuff. Unfortunately for now all the effects (even the SWEEP FX) are all in post-fader, so they can’t be heard on headphones. Let’s see if any updates will be made to allow us to obtain the effects also in headphones (pre-fader).

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Good day @DjAj and @JWiLL,

thanks for your reply and explanation and I was afraid as well.

Question of the essence is, if it is a bug that the SWEEP FX are commencing from v3.1.0 are post-fader or is it on purpose?

I don’t hope that the SWEEP FX’s are now post-fader.

Pls. let’S keep posted.

Brdgs BeatMaster

I can’t tell you if it was a bug or if the post-fader operation was desired. What I can say that NOW with the latest version it is post-fader and there is no way to set the operation differently. :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

If it helps, I’ve created this feature request that you might find interesting: https://community.enginedj.com/t/pre-fader-or-post-fader-auto-switch-for-sweep-fx-and-fx-effects/49344?u=djaj

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Dear @DjAj,

thanks for your reply, and I already voted for your feature request.

When prelistening / cue I always use SWEEP FX “Filter” for professional beatmatching. Do you miss this feature / function as well?

As I need it so badly, I downgraded to 3.0.1

Enjoy the evening

Brgds BeatMaster


In my feature request I included both FX effects (FX1 group and FX2 group) and FX sweeps. Read carefully in the description of the feature. If I didn’t explain myself well, let me know and I’ll make the necessary corrections. :+1:

Dear @BeatMaster & friends

The truth is that I do not understand the question very well (sorry if I do not interpret well, I use google translator). The SWEEP FX effects cannot work through headphones, they should never have done it, when pressing the CUE button of the preview channel, we only receive the direct music signal through headphones, any effect is applied to the output to the master.

If the knob number 18 is in the left position (cue) only the direct song is heard, without any effect even if it is applied, be it SWEEP FX, TOUCH or the FX ON buttons themselves for FX1 and FX2.

If we want to listen to the effects, we have to turn knob 18 to the right (master position) or leave it in the center, so that we can listen to both signals.

I have tested and they work correctly with 3.1 any effect is heard through the headphone output, if we have the knob 18 in MIX or in master and it is not heard if we have the knob in the CUE position.

I am not sure if this solves any of your doubts, I hope that is your problem and you can update to 3.1, since it is a big update with things that I just discovered from doing your tests.

They have put a button in the MIXER section in the menu of my prime 4, which I had not seen: “EFFECT SELECT BEHAVIOR” with the recall and default options, when I put it in RECALL, all the effects go back to the same parameters that I used last time, even turning them off and on again, it’s fantastic!!

On some Touch Fx, it doesn’t remember the resonance value, specifically on FILTER ROLL and FILTER GATE In these effects, the resonance value is always at zero, when you use them again after having left it at a specific value, but surely they would have thought so, although it would be more convenient if they remembered them.

On the other hand, this weekend I tried another 3.1 addition, which is that you can apply filter sweep FX to a line input.

Brgds, ren3martin

Dear @REN3MARTIN and all others,

thanks for your detailed report and your advises.

Most interesting of your post is this part

Imo it may be a workaround because you always hear all (sometimes all four) channels simultaneously.

I always use SWEEP FX “Filter” to adjust the coming in track or to monitor the tracks if they are drifting and I have to improve the tempo by hand. I can decide easily to amend faster or slower best when the channel (s) are separated and I can adjust the frequency (high, mid-range or bass).

This way to use SWEEP FX was one of the highlights to decide for the P4 two years ago. On the 23rd of June my P4 will have his second anniversary —and expire the guaranty—.

Thanks again for your assistence and your detailed advises, you are welcome

Enjoy the evening and

Brgds from HAM BeatMaster

btw: An ineresting feature request:


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I’m glad it’s useful for you, personally I’ve never seen or used this type of effects in prefader mode, I don’t think they worked on my old RX2 either, I personally wouldn’t use it, but I understand that everyone mixes differently,

I hope you’ll find it implant as an option, if it is so important to you, regards

indeed, you are right, soooo right. Phps we should make a joint gig :wink:

RX2 a product from PIONEER?

Phps I should relaunch my CV 6, this little amplifer I used since 1976 between the mixer’S headphone out and my headphone. It was gorgeous for prelistening or when tracking the tracks :innocent:

Brgds BeatMaster

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yes, it is an all in one,

now there is the Rx3 that has something better and the Opus quad, but none of them come close to my prime 4, the only thing I regret is not having bought it sooner, I think that Denon is much superior in hardware from pioneer

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If this change is noted only on Prime 4 there is a good possibility that it was necessary to do this in order to get all the other features of 3.1 firmware on Prime 4:

  • sampler audio can now be routed to any available channel or main output
  • sampler can now have FX applied

3.1 Engine OS release notes states the following: "PRIME 4 Standalone update - Updated the architecture of the PRIME 4 standalone to take advantage of these new features:… "

Moin @SlayForMoney,

thanks for your comment.

Short questions:

  • Did you use the feature "SWEEP FX (Filter, Echo, Wash, and Noise) by yourself
  • Do you miss this function
  • Do you think that it is a bug
  • Do you think it is only on Prime 4 detected
  • Do you think that this feature (Prelistening the SWEEP FX) is deleted from DENON’s side on purpose?

Any comment from your or other users’ side is highly appreciated and many thanks in advance for your endeavours.

btw.: Unfortunately I had no comment from DENON’s side seen yet

Enjoy the day and thanks again