100% wet delay still blends dry signal

Since the 3.1 update, the behavior of the delay (beat) effect has changed. Before, with the fx wet/dry knob fully open, only the wet signal would play. This allowed for repeating the offbeat or halfbeat when the beat division was on 1/2 beat by turning it to fully wet and back to dry. But now, the dry signal is still heard with the wet/dry fully open.

I liked the previous implementation way more. Why is this changed? If a user wants both the dry and wet signal, we could just turn the knob halfway.

Dear @Kwarkgebak and all others,

is there phps a context?


Phps DENON is able to amend both issues in one strike.

Brgds BeatMaster

Thanks. Not sure though, as I meant the beat fx and not the sweep fx. But let’s hope it will be reverted to how it was before.

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