Wash and Filter sweep, post 3.1 - volume boost

Anyone else notice that as of 3.1.x the Wash and Filter sweep effects seem to have regressed?

With the Wash effect there is now a major volume boost/pumping effect, especially when spinning the knob only partially to the right, that seems to go against the whole point of “wash.”

Filter has a similar but much less intense version of the issue issue in high-pass mode (again, going to the right), where the bass actually bumps up a bit before being killed.

I swear both of these sounded much better previously - especially Wash, which I leverage frequently. It’s almost entirely unusable now.

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With which hardware model are you getting this glitch?

It would also be better if you use the TAGs in your post to better identify your hardware.

Prime 4 - tag added, thanks for the tip.

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Hi there, I noticed the same thing on DJ Prime Go but from the beginning (previous firmware too). By turning the knob, it produces exactly the adverse effect described above.

There’s been issues over the years with volume being boosted when echo effects are added. I first noticed it on the Prime 4 around version 1.3.2 but I’ve not seen it on the sweep effects, only the main BPM effects.

I’ll have to revisit this and see if it’s now been transferred to the sweep effects. There has been a rework of the mixer firmware within 3.1, going hardware to software mixed and it could be something that has slipped through the net.

Dear @MrWilks and all others,

is there phps a context?


Phps DENON is able to amend both issues in one strike.

Brgds BeatMaster

Lots of issues with the FX in this new version. Feels like they rushed this out the door.

Another thing I just noticed is that the default beat effect is now always Echo, whereas before it remembered the prior selection. I’m not sure why this too has degraded. The beat effect sound upgrade is nice, the touch effects IMO are a bit useless, and the downgrades range from mild to super annoying. Overall I’d call 3.1.x a net loss so far.

Cant comment on your first point, the second one however, have you looked in the settings to ensure you have it set to not reset the effects on load?

I had never noticed that config option before! Just gave it a shot and that appears to be a huge upgrade. Why is that not the default!?

Not sure, I guess they had 2 options to choose from and chose to make it reset.

I imagine people who do want it to reset would ask exactly the same question if the default didnt.

Was a rhetorical question. Thanks again for pointing out the option though.