🚀 Engine DJ v3.1.0 Now Available - New Main FX, Touch FX, Smartlists + More!

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Full night last night on 3.1, mostly worked fine. It seems that the headphone output is quieter, so you need to turn it up more but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

I felt like the speakers were running harder but with less output, I’m not even sure how that’s possible though so it may have been down to the room, I have three more gigs this weekend so I’ll be able to confirm or deny this.

Main thing I noticed is that when you switch source it takes a lot longer than before, around ten seconds sometimes to load the library on that USB.

Effects all worked great, including the touch FX. Brilliant update overall.


This update has kinda stuffed me up on the Prime Go. The only Main FX I use is the “Roll” which I don’t use for Rolling, but as a sampler/looper. The great thing about the old Roll on the Prime Go was that it was possible to set it to 32 bars, which allowed for continuing to play a loop of the track whilst loading up the next song. This is the only way I can really work around the two track limitation of the Prime Go and still get nice full transitions. I got the trick from this video

But this latest release (or maybe a couple of releases ago?) has changed the maximum Roll beats to 2, which makes this impossible. Sad face.

first impressions 3.1 Yesterday, in a 6h set, zero failures, zero problems, everything perfect! It is true that some things can be improved and for sure @denon will already be working for the future.

When using an effect, riser, pitch down, etc… It could automatically disable the Fx button when loading a new song (I had several forgetfulness), it could also remember the parameters of the effects, as they have been used last time (when changing they are reset and factory set and you have to put them back as previously used).

on the other hand, you could also remember the resonance values ​​in the touch fx.

But in general everything perfect, thanks to the team!


They have put a button in the MIXER section in the menu of my prime 4, which I had not seen: “EFFECT SELECT BEHAVIOR” with the recall and default options, when I put it in RECALL, all the effects go back to the same parameters that I used last time, even turning them off and on again, it’s fantastic!!

On some Touch Fx, it doesn’t remember the resonance value, specifically on FILTER ROLL and FILTER GATE In these effects, the resonance value is always at zero, when you use them again after having left it at a specific value, but surely they would have thought so, although it would be more convenient if they remembered them.

On the other hand, this weekend I tried another 3.1 addition, which is that you can apply filter sweep FX to a line input. Great again!!! @denon



thank’S for your report and your good experience with 3.1.0,

As you are an expert for “FX” I ask you to do us pls. a favour, and pls check this and pls. give us a brief feedback :


Thanks for your endeavours in advance and enjoy the day.

Brgds Beatmaster

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Moin @STU-C,

as I know, you are one of the experts here in “beatmatching old school style”

So I ask you to do us a favour and pls have a look at


Any advise / assistence is welcome, even a short feedback that you detected this as well and your opinoin, if it is a malfunction or if that feature ain’t available any longer.

Thanks in advance for your endeavours in this matter and enjoy this cloudy monday.

Brgds BeatMaster

I’d love to @BeatMaster but I only have a Prime 2 so no access to sweep FX, I can confirm that the filter function on that device has never been available in the headphones. I’m guessing it’s a bug in the Prime 4 (and possibly SC Live) 3.1 version.


Many thanks for your prompt reply.

Brgds BeatMaster

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I have a general question, and I don’t know if it’s a problem with this version, since I haven’t used it before… the line input from a mobile phone is very, very low, the gain was at its maximum and it continued to decrease than the rest of the tracks, the volume of the phone at maximum, has anyone used phones or tablets like this as an auxiliary input? Could the gain be increased somehow? Do you know if @denon knows about this problem or if it is something specific of mine?, thanks

Does the phone have a “protect your hearing” setting ?

no, when i use cheap wireless headphones i usually use them at half volume

For some reason that is just the way it is. Even in other brand of controllers it’s the same super low volume when using a phone to play a song through. Not sure why any of them don’t fix this as I’m sure in some way they can make the line input hotter so you don’t need to turn the gain on tje channel just about all the way up. I have experienced this when I can grab a Wi-Fi connection using the tidal app on my phone vs playing tidal through the prime 4 as you normally would and volume is always way lower when using your phone sorry to say.

I’ll test it tomorrow on the Prime 2 and see what sort of volume it’s giving me on my iPhone 11 Pro, then compare to the line in on my mixer.

other Pioneer standalone systems do have a button to increase the gain by several dB of the aux input, prime 4 does not, but I would like to know if there is a way to increase the gain so that it can be used at specific times, maybe if we all see it practical, we could create a feature request

Headphones output on most phones are very low power and you’ll need to crank up gain on channel to bring it to 0db. If your phone have usb-c you can use a external portable DAC. It will increase output gain and quality. A Fiio KA3 or equivalent will do the trick.

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yes it could be a solution, a bit expensive but anyway… it would be nice to know if @denon could increase the input signal by software, since it does not have a physical sensitivity adjustment button like the Pioneer RX2, RX3 and the opus, Technically I don’t know if it would be possible, of course it would be interesting, since many times we could use our phones for specific requests

They’re bringing Bluetooth connection across the line aren’t they? We’ll soon be able to play requests from phones using that method.

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that seems, if true, it would be a solution at least to test the input signal… we’ll wait.

I have seen cheaper signal amplifiers for about €25, probably of worse quality, but hey, it would be a matter of trying, for specific occasions it can be an alternative

What phone are you using? i bought a lightning to RCA cable from Amazon for my iphone, i dont know if that might make a difference over the 3.5mm jack to RCA cable.

an android, little X3, perhaps try instead of minijack to RCA, a type C to RCA cable like the one in the photo, to see if there are differences…