Traktor 3 mapping for SC5000/M

Hello, Here is my latest mapping for Traktor 3 with SC5000/SC5000M

Whats NEW: Preview Player - SHIFT + EJECT LOOP IN/OUT - CDJ style loop in/out adjust (IN + JOG, OUT + JOG) To Exit LOOP push loop encoder Corrected some minor bugs.

other usual stuff works like on SC5000 and my previous mappings.

To use it with 2 decks: Load the TSI file. Set the deck focus of to ‘Deck A’ and the in- and out- ports to Your single SC5000 Prime Add another configuration - loading the same TSI file again. Set focus to Deck B and in- and out- port to the second SC5000 Prime

For single deck and all 4 layers - run the single import and leave the DECK FOCUS on FOCUS.

SC5000 by Noise Riser 1.2.5.tsi (646.3 KB)


ciao! “please use google translate”

Sono intenzionato a comprare un SC5000m, leggendo in vari forum leggo che non è supportato HID, ma qui tu hai postato un mapping, allora non riesco a capire se è supportato da traktor 3 oppure no. che cosa è che “non funziona” con Traktor 3 del sc5000m??

I don’t know if anything official will happen with traktor partnerships. There seems to be a lot of rumours and maybe they are only rumours, that traktors company, Native Instruments is going into administration to be sold off. Anything that still comes out for traktor after that will be fan-fiction instead of official.

Ciao Amico! Ho comprato un SC5000m, e ho installato la tua mappatura e funziona correttamente, non capisco perchè il piatto motorizzato non giri, rimane fermo come posso risolvere? grazie

Traktor does not support this yet. If I will have some time I will try to resolve it, but it is not easy, and NI does not want to help with this.


OMG!!! Really??

Non esiste nessun modo di fare scrath? fa niente se il piatto non si muove, mi interessa solo il movimento dello scratch

Grazie mille per il tuo supporto!

On the M unit if You activate the scratch on the platter, the music will just stop and this is not something that You want… When I will have more time I will work on finding the solution. I need more info on how the Haptic drive is done on S4 mk3, maybe this will help me. Some SDK’s would help, but no one wants to provide them.


Ho incredibilmente scoperto che supporta perfettamente e molto bene Virtual dj,e Serato. Per me che lavoro con traktor da tanti anni è una cosa incredibile, non chiedo tanto, ne nemmeno il supporto HID, ma almeno poter usare il piatto motorizzato. Se un giorno tu riuscirai a risolvere questo te ne sarò molto grato e avrei solo piacere nel farti una donazione, siamo qui per aiutarci, e tu con il tuo mapping hai gia fatto tanto. grazie

No donation needed, I did this for the Denon dj community. It makes me happy to see that my work is appreciated. Thank You. I will do my best when only I will have more time again on my hands.


Whats the latet status on the Mapping Evolution? Did anybody got an Info that there will ever be Traktor HID support? Is it a “Denon dont want it” Thing or a “Native doesnt allow it” Thing. :wink:

Well, on the forum from Native instruments there is completely no info. Just a small comment, that they didn’t had it planned yet. I visit their forum every day, and didn’t found even any useful hint so far. Denon probably shared an SDK with Native, but if Native doesn’t do anything with it… We only can build custom mappings. Denon would need to share a SDK with us in order to have a custom user made HID, but that is risky. If bad implementations would start to pop up, then people who used it would complain to Denon about the devices. Safely Denon keeps hid implementations in the professional hands. Hands that are probably busy with other stuff, that their bosses prioritized.


Cheers Bro much appreciated downloaded your file and mostly works a few things a little over sensitive like jog wheel but not your fault thats just the normal ■■■■ that normally get when using midi to control but at least it saved me hrs trying to map it myself. Many Thanks Anthony aka DJ Roachman

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Hello, happy that it got useful. You can change the sensitivity of the jog wheel in the mapping, of jog bend. Play with it and adjust to Your needs.

Me parece una idea y un trabajo genial!! Enorabuena al desarrollador de este mappeo, la idea esta, perfeccionarlo entre todos esta claro. Una cosa que desconozco y no he probado… sabeis si funciona tambien con traktor 2? Un saludo

I didn’t check it, but if You import it, feel free to check it out and adjust to your needs.