Midi mapping for controller

Ah, the lack of comma got me. Thought it was a statement in series as opposed to two separate ideas. My bad.

Is there any official documentation on the Sysex MIDI messages LC6000 is supporting.

Where or how would we get it. It looks like you have already experience with this kind of stuff.

It’s trial and error most likely.

There’s not much related to midi or any block diagrams in Denon documents since the prime series was released.

For knobs and buttons this should be fine but I would see it hard to find out which messages to send to present an image on the display. I made some revers engineering with my ROLI Blocks and it turned out to be really difficult.

For midi - just use midi-ox, connect the lc6000 via usb, open midi ox and read what it gets when you push the buttons, use jog wheel, knobs, etc…

But why there is no Official documentation form Denon. Why we have to dig in the dirt ? I don’t see any reason for this ??? Its like I buy a TV and I am not getting an instruction.

At this early stage, with so many worldwide transit and component issues, denon probably want to make sure the main expected markets, the natively supported equipment owners are covered.

I’m sure that someone will do the dirty work, spend a weekend with Midi-Ox and share their findings for those who want to use it with less expected host gear

Bring me one LC for the weekend and I can make it. Anyway, I can make it with any prime gear, You would bring. Already did it with SC5000 and 5000M’s

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Can you point me to the place where someone is sharing his findings. No matter if its for Lc6000 or another Denon device. I really would like to take a look.

Did you share your SC5000 findings somewhere ? Can we find it on GitHub ?

I posted everything here on denon dj forum:

For midi command table, I need to get to my macbook, at this moment I am at work…

hi guys, i still haven’t been able to find a solution to map a midi controller on my sc5000 to control the second layer as if it were an lc6000. Someone has done it? Thanks

I’m pretty sure this midi sheet is the same for your deck.

Looks like if someone has a bit of syEx knowledge then one can program the jog screen too.

The rest you’ll have to find out how to do from Traktor’s end.

When mapping your deck assign it to deck ‘Focus’ and map ‘change deck focus’ to the layer button. This should help you to change between all Traktor decks.

If the jog wheel display in LC6000 is also waiting for a trigger signal from the computer to switch on, You can’t do nothing. SC players when plugged in to the computer, load the drivers and the displays are waiting for Enable signal. Otherwise You can’t send nothing to them.

Then one would have to be good at sysEX

Is the sysex documentation available as well ?

Note: The wheel display requires SysEx programming and is not available through manual MIDI mapping

Anyone already figured it out ?

@NoiseRiser Would it be possible to midi map the cue points on my SC6000’s to the pads on my Pioneer S7?

That would be sweet!

As a traktor mapping - yes. In stand alone - no

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Ahhhhh. Thank you!

Hello everyone, on this website you have maps for LC6000 and SC6000 for Traktor.