Midi mapping for controller

hi guys, lc6000 is pretty much a midi controller. do you think it is possible to map a controller like Kontrol X1, Launchpad (and others) with its same functions and connect it directly to Sc5000 / Sc6000 / M? maybe it is not possible but I ask the same.Thanks

I think it is possible. I mapped SC5000’s and 5000M’s so If I would have a LC6000 for a day or two, I would build a proper traktor mapping for it.

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Hi NoiseRiser, thanks for your midi mapping, great work on it. My answer is: can i map a Kontrol X1 (or others controller midi like that) directly on my Sc5000? No traktor, directly on engine os on my Denon. Thanks for your great mind on Denon’s world :raised_hands:

I’ve tried it but it doesn’t work right now. I even think doing this will cause unexpected results on the deck as I experienced some weird things after by doing this.

I will try to use the controller (Kontrol X1 or others) as a Lc6000, to operate the Deck 2 on my Sc5000, but i don’t know how to map the generic controller, there is a software to do this?

I actually can do this :joy: maybe in the future sometime. Probably when my deck no longer receives support I’ll open it up and screw around with it and it’s software.

I’m tempted to get my obsolete x600 class compliant again :wink:

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There is no software to map a deck to receive midi dat. But I think there is a way. Need to be more trial and error to discover what messages do what. LC6000 is a midi controller anyway…

i tried but the kontrol x1 won’t even turn on

I imagine there is a proprietary or hid protocol in use between the lc6000 and Denon prime hardware. You could man in the middle using something like Wireshark with usbpcap or CatC to capture the packets being sent from and received by the LC6000, tho. If they are midi messages, you could make an x1 or anything else that’s able to have it’s messages per function changed work with the prime hardware. If not, it would require a firmware rewrite for the controller you wish to use (or just build and script your own with a teensy).

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To switch x1 to midi mode You need to hold down shift and click one of the buttons (depends on the mk1/mk2)

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Shift + Hot cue, but nothing. There is a light on the Kontrol X1 when is connected to the Prime, but after the combination nothing. I will try again

You need to know first what types of midi commands will work for the player. Don’t expect just any command to work. They need to be specific.

I don’t think LayYa is communicating with the prime decks via midi. How would the screen info be mapped then?

The same as many midi controllers do it with screens - midi (because it’s reliable and fast enough) and a lightweight protocol to capture essential data for the screen. There is no rocket science…

The Midi Protocol has no implementation for displays. Unless you are referring to the built in pkayhead location, anything which uses the display for images and info will need to use whatever protocol Denon is currently using.

If You would just read all what I wrote…

Ah, the lack of comma got me. Thought it was a statement in series as opposed to two separate ideas. My bad.

Is there any official documentation on the Sysex MIDI messages LC6000 is supporting.

Where or how would we get it. It looks like you have already experience with this kind of stuff.

It’s trial and error most likely.

There’s not much related to midi or any block diagrams in Denon documents since the prime series was released.

For knobs and buttons this should be fine but I would see it hard to find out which messages to send to present an image on the display. I made some revers engineering with my ROLI Blocks and it turned out to be really difficult.