Quality Control moan plus Traktor Pro 3 support for Prime

Apologies if this has already been answered but when are Denon going to support Traktor as it’s still popular and my personal preference? To be perfectly honest I’ve been somewhat disgruntled with Denon after an unhappy switch from Pioneer with many faults and issues from supposedly brand new gear. I bought the SC5000 X1800 bundle and it’s been glitchy to say the least. From struggling with different makes of flash drives to slow and unresponsive screen loading and file type recognition. Just to make matters worse I bought an MCX8000 and that had a faulty power pack straight out of the box and then the replacement had a flickering left screen and freeze issues. I decided to go all out and change from pioneer to denon and the quality control seems to be a big issue. The level of innovation and technological advancement is certainly out on it’s own but the quality control and overall user experience is somewhat lacking. I have to say I’ve regretted the switch so far and with no proper support for my favourite program and an unintuitive and difficult user interface on the sc5000 I feel I’ve dropped a major clanger. I remember having a big argument with a couple of denon fan boys that seemed to think that prime was the dogs danglies so I made the switch and now feel like I’m stuck with a system that feels alien despite trying to adapt. I’ve been thinking of buying the prime 2 for portable use but I’m really not struck on the idea of another failed purchase. Going back to the bundle, there are some major flaws with the mixer too in my opinion. The main one is the ridiculous oversensitivity of the gain control when you get it close to 0db and the delay on the level indicator is poor too. The cross fader is frankly substandard compared with both Pioneer and Allen and Heath, both of which I have owned and loved. The sound quality is fantastic and a real plus for Denon but these user annoyances ruin the whole djing experience. I’ve had the crossfader jam up at least 3 times on the extreme right hand side which is not good at all. It’s difficult to really quantify what it is that’s my main gripe, I think the poor crossfader and gain control sensitivity is a deal breaker, and the flash drive loading issues and the jog wheel sensitivity definitely are a pain. I know you’ve brought out the SC6000 now and I wish I had waited as there really is too many issues with this first bundle to live with. 3 grand is a lot of money to waste on gear you’re unhappy with. One last thing I will say is I’m not a fan boy of any particular gear and I’m open to any manufacturer on merit alone. I’ve enjoyed some pioneer stuff but had gripes too and I’ve enjoyed Allen and Heaths mixers and been frustrated too so no perfect match has been found as yet.

There is no official support for Primes on Traktor yet, But I build a mapping TSI for SC5000’s I hope this will help a bit:

It’s the other way around. You need to be asking Native Instruments when Traktor will support the Prime series.

The Denon SDK is available. Serato and Atomix (VDJ) have already used it. NI need to do likewise.

Actually, looking at their support for third party controllers, it’s pretty sparse. Compared to VirtualDJ it’s dreadful.

Thank you noise rider. I’m a little disillusioned with denon right now. Their quality control is pretty poor to say the least and last night the x fader gave up on my x1800 mixer and its only been used about 5 times! Absolutely disgraceful. Do you know of any better x faders that can either be swapped straight in or modified to fit? I miss the fader on my djm 500, that was way superior to this junk. Even the fader on my allen and heath xone 92 was way better than this one. I’ll be leaving denon behind if this can’t be sorted. To be perfectly honest they should be providing a brand new one under warranty as this is unacceptable :triumph:

Innofader PNP 2


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The x fader on my x1800 has gone faulty after only 5 or 6 plays and around 3 hrs use. The very first use it jammed on the extreme right and since then its gone really stiff with loads of sticktion. This is totally unacceptable and yet another gripe with denon that have utterly failed me since I made the switch from Pioneer in September. I think its time somebody from Denon contacted me as I’m really upset with having been plagued with issues and being ignored.

Why You make another topic about the same issue? Anyway, way right crossfader tension will block the rail. Turn it back to left to have it released. This crossfaders were used also on previous models and proved to be very long lasting. I scratch a lot, that gives a lot of stress on the crossfader, and yet I never had a single smallest issue with it. I had X1600 with flex fader for 7 years - was working perfectly. Now I have X1800 - still works great, like fresh out of the box.

@NoiseRiser, moved. Thanks.

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First of all, I’m not a computer geek so posting in forums is something I’ve only ever done a couple of times in my life so I apologise if I don’t understand the etiquette. I think we have a misunderstanding here about the x fader. I have never adjusted the tension on the fader and it was fine to start with and then jammed to the right after an hour or so and has been problematic since. When you talk about adjusting the tension, is this inside the unit? I can only assume so as there is nothing I can see to adjust externally other than the curve. I did have the fader out last night but wasn’t looking for a tension adjuster I was looking to see what connection it had for a replacement innofader. If as you say these are really good once the tensions set then that would save a lot of money but its not something I’ve ever had to do before. I’ve been djing since '93 so I’m not a novice, just never needed to before that’s all. Perhaps I should have consulted the manual first but I’ve had lots of glitches and niggles with the whole denon set-up. Last night the left sc5000 deck kept lagging out whilst reading the usb from the other deck. Its never done that before so that was something new. I keep having lag issues with cueing as well intermittently. I hate the way the deck auto selects the pitch adjuster bandwidth as well, is there any way I can set this manually? I’m going to have a good read of the manuals later and see if I can better understand how to use the sc5000 and x1800 as im sort of floundering at the minute with all this new technology. I’ve gone from cdj850’s to this so its a huge step up in innovation and technology!

No stress, we will do our best to help you. But more detailed info needs to be provided, so we can understand Your situation better. Now that we know more, we can do better too. So as it goes for tension adjust - there is a small screw on the side of the crossfader if You move it completely to the right. Check it, maybe it is holding up Your crossfader. If not, then there is some mechanical issue with the rails inside and needs to be replaced - warranty? For players issues, can You provide more info, please? What exactly happens, when and what are You doing in that time?

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Awesome! Fader is fixed! Fore some reason screw was all the way to the right and thus full tension. Why it would be factory set like this i do not know as most people like it with minimal tension. Anyway thank you very much for your patience and knowledge. I will get back to you with these other glitches I’ve experienced. Hopefully I can get back to mixing smoothly now its working to my liking. Unfortunately one of Roksan Caspian M2 power amps popped last night so I’m going to have to rip my whole system apart to fix it! Its probably just popped a fuse as its done it once before about 2 years ago so not worrying too much at this stage. It was Xmas time last time it went so blooming typical eh.

Cool, that I could help. As said before, let me know what else issues with Prime setup You have, that I can help You to solve.

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The players do need to be updated, I get a message every time I turn them on so perhaps this will cure the glitches. I’ll have a go at updating the firmware at some point. To be honest I avoided it because I’d read that they’d negatively altered the pitch adjuster decimal place which obviously is undesirable for fine mixing.

I run the latest software and it all works good. No matter how many numbers you see, it is working good. What software exactly You heve?