LC6000 TRAKTOR ...WHEN it will be supported?

LC6000 Traktor support…Where it is? Great controllers and missing the most professional software support. I own all DJ softwares and none of them come close to TRAKTOR. PLEASE MAKE SUPPRTED MAPPING. I have try custom mapped files, but Traktor always see 1 deck even if I choose DECK A and DECK B for the second player.

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The LC6000 is fully mappable for Traktor minus the screen. I’ll put together a deck swappable mapping this weekend for you.

Thanks in advance! I have 2 LC6000 and they are seen as 1 and 2 in Traktor, but there is no way to make them work together. DJTECHTOOLS mapping not work , I have test that.

To speed things up, You can use my mapping that works with SC5000/6000

This is the Denon DJ forum. Traktor is a Native Instruments product.

You need to ask Native Instruments, not Denon DJ.


I have the basic mapping done now and tested. I will be adding a couple more features then post a beta with a link in this thread for you. The beta mapping will not have slicer, but I’ll get that added in a later update.

Currently the limitation of two modifiers per control in traktor makes things a bit tricky as Denon does not utilize note or channel changes for their shift button and deck selection on the LC6000’s. The animations are also not associated to midi values, so I will have to manually create those and add them later as well.

In my file slicer is running nicely. I am also making a mapping for SC Live 4


To a complete Traktor novice, can someone tell me if the LC-6000 could be used to control a 3rd deck that then routes through the ‘main out’ into a 3rd channel on a mixer, using the current sound card?

So left and right decks through the normal channels, then a 3rd through the main out?

Channel routing in traktor is completely separate thing from midi mapping. No matter what controller and what sound card, You can set it up how You like it.

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Nice one Noiseriser appreciated. Am I right in thinking that I can route a 3rd channel through that main out if needed?

Check audio routing settings in traktor. Select on 3rd deck (Deck C) the sound card output that You want to use and done…

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Cheers man, it’s the strongest option for me to replace my SL3 so far, does what I need.

Nice. Does your mapping allow for deck swapping on a single LC6000 for four decks? Did you use the cue set method for your beat slicer?

Check the mapping. It’s free and You can test it, change it, make it fit for You. The mapping is for SC5000/6000 but also works with LC6000. But as I don’t have a LC6000 on hand, I can’t test this and confirm for 100%

Totally agree… Come on Denon, make it compatible or release the data we need en we do it our self … :point_left:t2: :call_me_hand:t2:

It is not only me. Many users cant make lc6000 2 controllers to work with Traktor. I make them a and b and still not work

If I would have LC6000, I would mapp it.

I used to write various mappings for Pioneer controllers for Traktor. Buttons and pots are not the problem.

You can also get the jog wheels to work - but the feedback from the jogs without the native NI protocol is not satisfactory.

Here Traktor has to deliver a real HID mapping like for CDJ 2000/3000 otherwise it won’t make any sense

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It makes more sense you to develop mapping because you own the gear.NI cant buys your all products just to make mappings for them. At least Denon as a manufacturer must communicate with ALL Dj platforms and make things work. Traktor, Serato and Rekordbox are top 3. To support only 1 is shameful and misses an opportunity.

Well, Denon sent SDK to Native long time ago. What Native does with it, is up to them…