Problems with Jog wheels

I have this problem on both my SC6000’S, one being alot worse than the other. Vinyl mode seems like it slips on and off. See in the video and let me know what you think.

Platter foil is of, so grounding issue. Are you sure the units are properly grounded?

I’m pretty sure grounding is fine. They have replaced the SC5000’s and had no problems with them. Is there any new sensitivity setting I could be missing?

Not that I know of. Just the nudge setting like on the 5K.

I’m unsure what to do, I thought it was just the one doing it but then the other does it just a little to. I have contacted the store I bought them from and I will contact denon support I guess.

Somebody mentioned previously that you shouldn’t touch the platter until the unit is fully spun up after powering on. Were you touching the platter during boot up, by chance?

No, I always let them boot up before touching them, I have also rebooted them numerous times with no joy.

New sc6000’s here too :slight_smile:

I had the same thing happen with one of my decks last night. It only lasted about 50s, but the jog wheel wasn’t registering at all.

I ended up changing song and it went back to normal. Very strange. Same as you, the decks are both grounded and jog wheel tension checked it seemed to do it no matter the tension.

I played for hours on them before that with absolutely no issues at all.

Anyway I will keep an eye on it and see if it happens again today. I hope you get yours sorted. I see there’s another post with the same issue too, could it be a first batch thing. Hopefully not absolutely love them so far.

This is one of the problems I had with my SC6000s. Check out Major Major Problem with 2 day old SC6000. Need advice/help ASAP for reference.

Hi Vandetta,

I did notice your post really frustrating for you. Has anyone got back to you about it or is it a straight send back and get a new one job?

Hello ConcreteSquirrel, Reese got back to me and passed my issue on to the Denon Team. I thought I may have been an isolated solution. Could be we the few of us got a bad batch out of this first cycle. Hoping for a solution/explanation. Goodluck!

Hi, Yea I noticed your post aswell. I don’t get the clicking noise, just what seems to be the problem with vinyl mode. I have also noticed when I spin the jogs that there is a light warp if u you look at one side when it goes round. Again same in both. Jogs aren’t as smooth as I expected from what people were saying about them. Maybe a bad batch like you say.

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I noticed that on my bad player when the wheel got to about 270 degrees I noticed warping and some resistance.

Same issue with one of mine. Hoping it’s not a mechanical issue and can be fixed with software. I posted my issue on their Facebook page - Marc

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Jog wheel problem persisting. Looks like I’ll have to send one of mine back too, just waiting for a call from the distributor :pleading_face: hopefully we can all get it sorted.

Sorry to hear that. Atleast they are aware now. Right now I am learning to beat match with one player via both layers. It’s interesting because I never thought of doing that until I had to send my other player back lol

You’ll get there with the beat matching, thank the DJ angels for dual layers so we can keep playing on one at least!

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I have the same issue sometimes with one of my jogwheels not responding. Really, really hoping its a software issue/fix…

Seen the video, sometimes same pb with Prime 4 : clean the platter and touch it more to the external border.

Apart from the original video I shared showing the jog wheel problems, does anybody else have warped jog wheels? Here is a video…