Problems with Jog wheels

Is anyone who is having these problems using CDJ mode? Or are they exclusive to vinyl mode?

If you are using vinyl mode and have these issues, do they continue if you mix for a period using CDJ mode?

For me I only use vinyl mode so can only comment on that. Although, when it happens I find switching vinyl mode off and on does help somewhat.

It’s really sporadic and the length of time of happens for is also irregular.

My issues stay on throughout the session!

Hi all,

A report to look into this is already made.

Please report additional detailed findings, but be sure to know it’s on the dev radar.

Thanks @Reese such a shame as they are amazing other than that hopefully the dev team can figure it out soon.

Well I don’t experience that much problems, but perhaps a manual calibration could be added, as well as higher sensitivity.

Mine right player was warped causing it to make a clicking noise. Sent it back, and guess what? ON backorder, so upset.

Yea I understand, I to am still waiting for new stock to replace both my players, who’s knows when that will be.


Could you give firmware 1.5.3 a spin and let us know what you think.

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Will jump on this when I finish work later and give an update :+1:t3:

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30 minutes in, so far so good. I haven’t noticed slipping on either player. Looks promising :crossed_fingers:


Have booted them up and so far so good, only played around for 10 mins or so but platters are working as they should so happy days :grinning:


I’m happy to report after a few hours I’ve seen no noticeable slippage off Vinyl mode. It seems we may be in the clear. Thanks to the Denon engineers for quickly addressing and providing an update that appears to be a fix for the issue we reported. Much appreciated! … Now we can hopefully move on to my thread about the Screen Ghosting issue :slight_smile:

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