Prime 4 right pads do not responde

Hi. Tonight right deck pads don’t respond. They’re illuminated, selection buttons work (loop, slice…) all works except them, they do not respond. (Left deck works perfectly)

Back to Denon’s ?

Is this when using the prime 4 as a standalone or as controller for serato ?

Make sure pad lock is turned off

Pad lock off, idem with serato or Vdj.

But, that’s not the same problem. This poster was saying that his playing track isn’t responding to pads being pushed

Thank you, I had misread what was said.

yep, thank you anyway. Sent it back to Denon’s.

Have you previously had any symptoms of a Jog problem?

I ask you this because I had read your previous post a few months ago in which you said that you sometimes had problems with the JOG and solved by cleaning the surface. So did you have symptoms?

Yes, I often clean the wheels with alcohol and no problems anyway.

Ok, but why did you clean them? Did you have any problems with the jogs? It would be interesting to understand if there are symptoms that involve the total block of the jog.

but I have no pb with the jog. The pb were the pads. It seems the pad ground detector doesn’t work anymore. Denon will repair it.