Exported playlist not showing on USB drive. Engine not adding either (2.3.X)


Now I have playlist randomly disappear from my USB that were previously fine…


V 2.3.1 literally has this listed as a bug fix, but obviously it doesn’t work still

new PC, new engine install, new file system and after 3 weeks the same issue is happening - what on earth is going on… export a play list and it dumps all the files in the root no playlists at all… terrible terrible

This is ■■■■■■■ terrible. This shitty software update has rendered my 3.5k worth of DJ gear completely useless.


Hi all,

My tracks are exported to usb drive but the playlist are not showing on USB… ? how can we fix the situation. I use the latest SW version.

Thanks for feedback

Has anyone raised this woth their call centre…or are we just hopibg then monitor this community

Still impossible to use Engine to sync as of today even why the last update. As deepyup said this is supposed to be pro equipment & being unable to use it without any solution for months is scandalous. Luckily I generally try to sync everything a few hours before my gigs so I had the time to rekordbox but I didn’t need this added stress.


i opened a ticket months ago and never got a response.

I had the same after I upgraded my Prime 4 to 2.4.0 and then also updated Engine DJ. Tried rolling back etc and the only what I’ve managed to sort it has been to completely remove the collection from Engine DJ remove Engine DJ and re-install an older version, and then re-import from my Music folders. Frustrating to say the least, but sorted. Luckily I don’t have that many playlists etc, so it wasn’t the end of the World to re-do them, but I feel sorry for those with long established and massive collections.

yeah I’ve got about 10k tracks in my collection… all of them with fixed beat grids and cue points.

Luckily seems to be more reliable recently, but I get maybe 1/5 as a failure. Thank god I’m not relying on this for shows right now…