What's the latest firmware for the mixer X1850?


What is the most up to date firmware for the X1850? My unit has the 1.3 version from the store.

On the downloads page it says: “X1850 PRIME firmware is not available at this time. Please contact Technical Support for further assistance.”


If there’s a higher firmware available, could you please send me the file?


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Seems it’s a common issue.

Note: I tried contacting support, but got no answer yet.

Hey @B00KER - Thanks for sharing. Feel free to let me know if they haven’t responded within 1 business day. I’m sure they’ll be in touch soon.


Thank you @Anthony_DDJ

I really appreciate your reply.

I haven’t received any response from DENON Support yet.




Now The X1850 top effects screen stopped working. Now only the bottom screen displays something.


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Just called DENON support, but since I’m outside the USA now, they just told me the warranty is voided.

Is this true?

I can send the faulty device to the USA for a refund, to get an exchange for a new product (I think it would be fair since I just bought it a few weeks ago) or to repair.

They told me they only send repairs back to USA addresses. So it’s going to be more difficult for me.

If you have family or friends in the US, perhaps they would let you use their address.

Hey @B00KER - Sorry for the late reply, but glad you’re in touch. I would suggest asking your tech support rep what options you have considering your situation. Being outside of the USA does pose an issue for shipping. If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out via DM.

Just bought some X1850 and it was delivered with FW 1.6…

Very interesting. Do you have SC players as well?

Something is coming​:fire::muscle::fire::muscle::fire::muscle::fire::muscle:

I’m all tingling lol 🫣🫣🫣🫣🫣🫣🫣

To my knowledge, shortages needed some parts to be changed what resulted in a newer firmware.

New installers will be released accordingly. So probably less exciting then expected. :relieved:

🫧 pop !!!

Yeah…dont hold your breathe it probably still wont work… These guys writing (sorry trying to write extremely bad) software updates couldnt change a toilet roll… god forbid a light bulb needs changing… probably be ten versions of dead lightbulbs before they put a 5watt bulb in.

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Nopes. But might got some used one who knows :wink:

Same i can’t update mine (Firmware V1.0)

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Seems pretty bad that this still isn’t resolved.

If the latest version is 1.6 that’s exactly the same as x1800. I wonder if it’s the same?

I got tired of waiting and bought the Pioneer DJM-S11 instead.

I’m keeping the Denon players though.

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Any new insight here what this is about that there is no firmware update available? Pretty strange that no one from Denon or InMusic makes a statement to this.