X1850 firmware update is gone?

I am quite sure that I downloaded and updated my X1850 some weeks ago with the latest firmware update I found on the Denon DJ download website.

Yesterday I was checking if there is a further update and I have seen that the update is gone. There is currently only a windows driver and the manual to download and a link where we could contact the support.

Was there a problem with the latest firmware that it has been taken offline or has it happened by fault ?

Any thoughts ?

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What version have you got on board??

As far as I remember I had 1.3 and upgraded to 1.5

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Mmmm nope sorry i only get the same as you.

Hit the contact button and see what tech says… thats the only answer/solution i can see

I don’t see any need to contact support. I would expect that someone from ImMusic could clarify.

My honest opinion, the chances are much higher to get an answer in the forum than if I do it the hard way by contacting support. :slight_smile:

I have the same issue.

Note: I tried contacting support, but got no answer yet.

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Contacting Denon DJ support so far was very painful for me because I never got an answer on my questions so far. :frowning:

If you are a lucky one, inMusic stuff will pick up your question in the forum and try to help you.

Let’s bet, in some days you will get a survey email from the support and that is all you will see.

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bumping this. what’s the deal here?