X1850 firmware update is gone?

I am quite sure that I downloaded and updated my X1850 some weeks ago with the latest firmware update I found on the Denon DJ download website.

Yesterday I was checking if there is a further update and I have seen that the update is gone. There is currently only a windows driver and the manual to download and a link where we could contact the support.

Was there a problem with the latest firmware that it has been taken offline or has it happened by fault ?

Any thoughts ?

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What version have you got on board??

As far as I remember I had 1.3 and upgraded to 1.5

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Mmmm nope sorry i only get the same as you.

Hit the contact button and see what tech says… thats the only answer/solution i can see

I don’t see any need to contact support. I would expect that someone from ImMusic could clarify.

My honest opinion, the chances are much higher to get an answer in the forum than if I do it the hard way by contacting support. :slight_smile:

I have the same issue.

Note: I tried contacting support, but got no answer yet.

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Contacting Denon DJ support so far was very painful for me because I never got an answer on my questions so far. :frowning:

If you are a lucky one, inMusic stuff will pick up your question in the forum and try to help you.

Let’s bet, in some days you will get a survey email from the support and that is all you will see.

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bumping this. what’s the deal here?

Still nothing?

X1850 seems like a ■■■■ storm. I initially wanted it until i joined this forum and saw all of the issues with it. Youtube wasnt painting a pretty picture either. Ended up going with a xone96, and I’m happy with my decision. I love my sc6000s though. Hopefully they come out with a better (more stable) mixer in the future.

Best decision I ever made was keeping my X1700 (best mixer Denon ever made) instead of buying the X1800 to go with my SC5000’s. X1800 had tons of issues so they quickly dropped the price and put out the X1850. Both mixers showed promise but very poor build quality.

Was also thinking to get a xone96 but decides on X1850 since it integrates better with SC6000 and for a lower price. I am still happy with my decision and have nothing to complain on the current functionality.

The only thing what really bucks me is this unprofessionally we see concerning firmware updates. Denon had now months to come up with a solution and to provide a latest firmware version as we would expect it, downloadable on the website, compatible with any revision of X1850. And if this is not possible anymore, provide different firmware but give us the tools to know which one we have to use (depending on serial number or what ever)

This is really a shame and nothing I would expect from a professional product.