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Different strokes man. I like the Dj layout, the v10s have a ton of routing capability, and it’s nice to mix and match my gear. Sometimes I want 12 channels of DAW, other times I just need one mixer to do the job… there’s a ton of ways to configure but I dig this one. Everything costs money, so I decided to just build “exactly what I want” and accept the cost. It’s all relative :wink:

Besides, no offense to B… but their products don’t get me there. The v10s came about Bc I wanted the Model1, but refused to drop 3k on a mixer PLUS 3k on a large interface. Instead I sold a UA IO and turned that cash into the first v10. Now it’s an aggregate usb IO for ableton sometimes and a Dj mixer other times.

Some other guy would totally justify the Model1 and Apollo 8Pre… and he’s right in doing so, if that’s his jam. Different strokes.


I’ve been trying to get someone to respond (across many forums/groups) to my query regarding the V10’s EQs. I’ve read more than a few posts, and saw a couple demonstrations of the low-mids and lows being muddy. Would you say there is any validity to that? For instance, the low, low-mid, mid, and highs are all very defined and clean on my Xone:96. I am worried that if I switch to the V10, I am going to hate the EQs. But you are right, the routing capabilities on the V10 are super interesting and attractive.

I honestly can’t complain. I think the V10 is great. I did want the Model1… and this IS my compromise, strictly Bc of built in usb IO and onboard Fx. I finally tried the model 1.4 in a local shop against my V10 and honestly, hate to admit it… but the Model1 analog meanness won on sound quality, hands-down. But, their take on eq/filter/cut vs a more traditional Dj layout would take a minute to get used to. It’s super cool, but different.

I opted to sell my 8Pre Apollo vs adding the Model1 + multiple external effects modules simply Bc this is a hobby… and Bc I was cool spending 5 on a pair of mixers, but not 10 on the Model1 rig.

EQ specifically- you won’t be disappointed. But I always say these days, if you aren’t sure then buy the new thing with a 30 day return and try it before selling what you know you love to fund it.

I always use Reverb or Craigslist to enable my gear swapping syndrome so I don’t break the bank.

Dunno if I directly answered your questions. I could go on for days about these pieces. V10 LF is my favorite ableton mixing experience to date because it mirrors my Dj setup exactly. I even prefer mixing my own tracks via the pair of V10s. One is the LF, the other is the standard. It’s a bit weird having two sets of fader lengths vs a “pro level mixing board” but honestly it’s all hobby level for me anyways.

Link them, separate them, use one or the other… mix and match turntables, Denon prime 6kM, usb sources, analog sources… whatever works.

The fx are pretty standard Pioneer so they work well. EQ knobs are great. If you’re a Pio fan overall you’ll love it. If you are pure bred A&H… maybe look at Model1.4?

When using the per-channel compressor knobs, Model1 is so far ahead of the v10 it’s almost sad. That said, until you hear both in the same room you’ll never know what you’re missin. V10 sounds PLENTY solid.


Yeah, I’ve never been much of a Pioneer (mixer) fan. Though my rig’s manual EFX are certainly powerful (yet cumbersome to use) and the analog Xone:96/ISO-201 sound GREAT, it’s the overall ease of use that’s appealing to me regarding the V10. Oh, and I would definitely get the LF over the standard V10 w’ the crossfader. Yeah, I just can’t buy one without having mixed on it first. I don’t trust it…it’s still a Pioneer (lol). Haha, I wish one of my friends would take that plunge so I don’t have to.

Thanks for replying.

Honestly I can’t get enough of making the pair a single aggregate interface. Shoot every track to a separate channel on the mixer(s) and just JAM. TWELVE layers!

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I’m almost ready to get a V10 (only waiting for the price to drop a little). I’ll certainly buy the regular V10 over the LF because I wanna learn some basic scratching and it’s waaaay cheaper here (400€ less than the LF, it used to be even cheaper).

I’m also planning to buy my first effects pedal for the V10 (probably Strymon Night Sky). Has anyone tried the Night Sky with a DJ mixer, yet? Youtube is full of guitar tests, no DJ-related videos, though.

Type in Youtube - “Strymon Nightsky Techno” (quotations not necessary). Whenever I want to hear what a pedal sounds like with synths, DJ gear, etc…, I type “techno” after the name of the pedal.


Didnt know where to put my fabulous stickers from my SC6000’s until the wifey showed me :joy:


Nice color of the car :slight_smile:

Thanks m8. I love my green Suzuki Swift :heart:

Nice, but you need to be very thin to stand behind the decks or…? :wink:


:joy: I am :joy: lost 18 kgs during the last 8 months :muscle:


I went the other way… 12 months and added 10 kgs!

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I used to be like Engell, but unfortunately in 2020-2021 I became more like MrWilks (LOL) Gonna’ get back on the wagon soon…thinking of doing a juice fast to jumpstart it. I used to do juice fasts every 6 or so months for several years. 2020-2021 has been filled with lots of complex carbs and sleeping (LOL)…normally great for a regular workout regiment, but terrible if you’re sedentary like I’ve been.

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Well, I lost 10kg by having covid and laying in bed for 3 weeks :smiley: LoL

I too had covid in March and I only skipped a few days of meals which frustrated me. When my appetite came back I just made up for the lost meals and It wasn’t enough to start shifting the bulk. Luckily I’ve just gone back to sea as I’m preparing one of our cruise ships to return back to service and I’ve had to do a quarantine period. I’ve eaten less and worked out a little. I’ve also ordered a few tubs of SlimFast to the ship.

I’ll report back in a month in how all that’s going!


I had Covid in January ‘20 (long before it was supposed to even be present on our [USA] shores…I have the antibody test to prove it), and I refrained from eating for nearly 4 days. But, that was a drop in the bucket compared to all the time I had off to facilitate the sedentary lifestyle I eventually adopted. Several friends did the same. Yeah, this whole year+ really screwed us up!! I am active AF now. Back to getting VERY little sleep…all is well (sorta’).

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While it’s sad to see people abandon the Rane rotaries (still got mine), this mixer definitely looks like a great replacement!

Could you give an explanation to what the 3/4 pole ISO knob does? What influence does it have on the isolator’s sound?

Also, are the Soul Sonic Audio custom builds available to the general public?

Have no experience with rotary’s. Don’t like them. What about Mastersounds as a replacement?