Show your home DJ booth

@jaydax Thanks!

Nice set up mate. But why not put the Isolator in front of the mixer? Happy mixing sir!

I know it’s not the traditional way of having an Isolator set up, but I tried it in front of the mixer initially, and I just didn’t like it. Then, since I was trying to save space on my desk, I decided to rotate the pots’ positions and make it vertical. I rather like it vertical and off to the side. Ironically, this is how the Isolator is set up on the Pioneer V10. People scoffed at it’s placement on that mixer, and I chuckled to myself that I would be very comfortable with it. Of course that digital Isolator on the V10 can’t compare to the Bozure ISO-201, but I just found that kinda’ comical.

This is my “instrument” currently. Ableton push 2, a pair of V10 mixers, and two Sc6000m units…

I guess the Sc6000M units are cropped out. Crap. I also have some midi controllers thrown in from NI. It goes between a 12x2 stereo mixer for ableton via USB & a combo of up to 4 Denon layers, a turntable and then 7 midi channels routed in.


Why spends so much money for two dj mixers when a Behringer Wing are so much better for live with ableton

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Before i bought my Denons, wanted to know more it, so I searched and found this site and forum! Then I saw this thread and love it to see others kitchens, keeps me motivated in life somehow, just like music!

I want to share my kitchen also and the recently upgrade :slight_smile: Because I am new here can’t upload anything yet, I’ll have to be patient.

! The old setup vs new


Nice set. Love the EFX-500, reminds me on the good old days.

Here are some old booths of mine. Don’t judge me on them, I was young :smiley:


And Action :innocent: Sunday evening fever!


I’m not jealous, honest!!!

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Color me IMPRESSED!!!

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Updated pic with the new addition…LC6000


Finally its almost finished…

Babies like this needs to be displayet on jobs as well :joy:


I have not a real DJ booth at home for now … But hey :wink:


So I’ll be back working from the middle of July but there is no dancing due to covid restrictions. It will be bar music only. I have a Mixtrack Pro that is used by the company but that will be moved out as soon as I get to play.

As I live on a ship I could technically post an updated photo from the Prime 4 at home.

(We really need a rack mount option for the Prime Go).


Slapped some 7" vinyls on the sc6km and used a tap washer with the hole drilled bigger to fit snug over the spindle. Locks down the vinyl well and works flawlessly. Using rane one platters as they look sick on the m’s with better felt slipmats.


here I leave my humble contribution



Very nice. I switched to QSCs as my monitors recently and they are great, just have to turn them waaaaay down for home use.

Its clear there re some very creative people here - well done, all.

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