Show your home DJ booth (Part 1)

Typical thread on every good forum :slight_smile:

So here’s mine:

Rane MP2015 Technics SL-1210M5G Traktor Kontrol D2 P!oneer RMX-1000 Traktor Scratch Pro Maschine MK2 Maschine Jam

Only thing missing are the SC5000s…

You guys don’t auto-censor your competitor’s name in the forums (the P-word), right? Because that would be a little goofy.


Great Setup! Looks like loads of fun

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Hi Kevin welcome to the new Denon DJ forums. Nice (mainly) Pioneer setup that you’ve got there.

There are hundreds of words in the forum caution words lists, but now, Pioneer isnt one of them, so it wont get “squared out”. I suspect it wont get mentioned as much anyway once the SC5000 is publically released :slight_smile: .

Enjoy the new forum and if you’ve got any queries on the new features which the forum offers, just ask.


Mainly Pioneer? You should have seen it 2 years ago :grinning: My most expensive product is from InMusic and that’s likely to even increase - just bring on the SC5000s (and Traktor HID control!) Don’t forget to send free Denon DJ stickers with the players so I can cover that “other” logo!

it’s a bit of mess atm…


Still rockin’ Technics 1200s & Denon DJ 3900s along side my Roland MV8800!


Here’s mine :+1:t2::smile::smile:


My party room - 2 technics 1210 mk2 tts, 2 pio Xdj 1000, Mac mini Running Traktor scratch, denon x1600. Some dmx controlled light effects, full range pa, active subwoofer and monitor box for the Dj.


I had a very similar arrangement of my stuff a while ago. Have you considered using stands for the XDJs? I bought my stands from this guy. They are quite inexpensive but really well made and he probably ships to Austria, as well.

2005 :sunglasses:


Practice room. Older units, but they’re flawless.

Denon DN-X1500 (best sounding mixer imo) Denon DN-S1000 Technics SL-1210 M5G Traktor X1 Traktor Pro 2.11


I’m finishing my new studio. Almost ready to furnish it. Will wait with pictures because the temporary studio (bedroom) looks silly… :wink:

Other side of my lab….I just need to add an Akai MPC Live…


A little bit messy but here is my home booth shared with my daughter.

Denon MCX8000 Technics SL-1200 Mk2 Denon SC3900 packed down Serato DJ Macbook pro


Here is My Setup, but on tour.


My mobile setup… And i just bought a MC7000…very happy with it…

LiteConsole … YEAH … Nice :D.

Apparently they care if you write in complete sentences, so hence this totally useless addition to this post LOL

While I don’t have a DJ “booth” at home, perse, I have had quite a few Denon setups over the last couple of years. Here goes.

My first true digital (player) setup. No laptop! A Numark D2 Director with a Denon DN-X500 mixer in a handy 19" rack.

Then came my MC6000 (mk1) with two backup CD players.

I experimented with a true 4-deck setup using my MC6000 and two SC-2000s. Only slightly wider than a borrowed DDJ-SX. :wink: With the layering on the SC2000s and the MC6000 it is technically an 8-deck setup (doesn’t VDJ support unlimited decks?)

Up next came my SC2900s with X1600 mixer in a DJ-coffin (big, heavy and not practical). I did love the form factor though. I must admit I never got around to properly mapping all the mixers midi functions.

And finally my “modelling” shot as the happy and proud owner of the MCX8000 :sunglasses:


Do you even lift bro. True denon fan you are. Do you still have the 6000?

Nope. Had a chance to sell it well when the mk2 was announced, which I wanted. But then the 2900s came along and I bought those instead. Had those for a while and then did a gear swap for a controller from that other brand. With the announcement of the MCX8000 I knew that would be my next and last controller. Not so sure anymore though LOL