Show your home DJ booth

Cheers man, hand painted by my partner who is an artist/art teacher.

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Still haven’t quite set this up properly as need some bits I’ll get tomorrow


That setup looks cool. I like it :slight_smile:

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Just got to get it working :see_no_evil:

This thread was way better when it was just pictures of people’s gear, you know, as intended…

True. Sorry I cannot split them to somewhere else really… thinking about how without deleting posts…

Peeps, please stick to the topic subject. Post your booths!! Keep the discussion about a device seen in the pictures to a minimum. This went off to a Traktor DVS Serato topic.

Splitting some stuff to here: Show your home DJ booth - Discussions

Edit: aaaaahhh scrolling gives me more pics than texts… If you want the other way around, follow above link. :wink:


Not feeling this decision at all. What’s the point in simply looking at pictures of people’s kit if you can’t also discuss it? Separate areas for each is convoluted.

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I already stated you can still discuss things like (I don’t know) lighting, furniture, unknown devices on the photo and maybe some short experience quotes of hardware used. I for one welcome that to learn from each other’s hardware choices!!

But the last 20+ posts wandered off into a DVS Traktor support yes/no discussion… it’s called “show your booth” and it’s nearly the only topic on the whole forum with loads of images to have that criteria.

I could have deleted posts, but chose to spin-off to a directly related new topic.


Oh, okay, I guess I misunderstood what you did. I get it now.

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I might have moved too much, but tried to keep the posts together otherwise it became unreadable.

I also didn’t want to redirect people to DM each other, as questions and answers might be helpful to everyone. So my discission was to make a spin-off. That was the idea at least… :wink:

Finally got all my Technics gear in a proper cabinet in the lounge. No room for the MCX8000 though, it just has to sit on the sofa :slight_smile:


It’s like looking into my past. I started with that turntable… QD33?

Didn’t have the money for the 777/999 cd-players, but had the cheaper brothers later; also with jog. Auto Cue ftw

Had several 565 tapedecks as well.

Yeah, it’s the SL-QD33. Direct drive and very smooth.

The only difference in the higher end tape decks were the displays pretty much.

It’s all really good kit and still working perfectly considering the amp, turntable, cassette deck and CD player were all bought in 1989.

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Nice. Can’t beat a great hifi.

Today’s generation with Soundbars and fkn Alexa has sadly killed the need of owning a beautiful sound system.

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Yeah I’ve had a few comments from people saying their Sonos doesn’t sound that good. No wonder really.

Younger people have no idea what a decent sound system actually is.


Sounds like a grandpa statement. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. :yum:

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What speakers are you using?

Wharfedale 2130 satellite system. The room is only 4m x 5m so they sound awesome.

Brought the Prime Go with me on a flight from CPH to Schipol last week and mixed a bit mid-air :fire:


Now that is a thing[s] of beauty.

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