Serious bugs in SC Live 4

Hi there

I’m posting this because I’m very concerned about the reliability of the SC Live 4.

Last weekend I was performing in a bar with my new SC Live 4, bought on April 17 and when I had been in the session for about 3 and a half hours the device freeze, the music stopped playing and the SC Live 4 rebooted itself.


I did not give it importance since the next day I mixed 6 hours in a row and it did not give any problem, but yesterday, while I was in the middle of a show, the same thing happened again… 2 times in a row.

Is this behavior normal in professional equipment?

Has anyone else reported this operation or is it just a matter of my unit?

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There are recent reports of some other issues involving the Live 4 (my own one included) as well. Temporary freezes when track skipping long (>30min) mixes, the infamous LEDs-remain-off boot issue, or one of the jog wheels stopping to work for both scratching and pitchbending.

I would appreciate it if the devs could specify in more detail, have some of these points been observed and even addressed by one of the recent firmware updates or not.

So far I hadn’t any crash or reboot luckily, but barely used my unit in the recent months due to my job and project.

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Depends on your music files

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I use my music files on some sc5000 and on a prime 4. In 5 years they haven’t given me any problems. I use the same drives in all devices.

I also think that there should be some kind of security system in these devices so that these things do not happen. it is supposed to be a professional team and it has to be reliable.

Everything cannot always be the user’s fault, even more so when the user we are talking about is not a newbie in the engine ecosystem.

We need solutions, not to be blamed for the failures of an OS that I have been using for 5 years or a computer that, in this case, I have been using for 2 months

Just got the latest 3.1 update. Switching from local to Tidal stops the music and reboots the unit. Happened 3 times tonight [SC Live 4]

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This is exactly how it happened to me. switching from local to tidal.

Could it be some kind of drive failure? last weekend it happened to me with version 3.0 installed and this weekend, with the new 3.1

Can you make that repeatable? if so it gives the support team something to go on with providing a solution.

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I would like to, but I don’t know how I can reproduce the bug so that I can instruct support so they can reproduce it.

Normally when I play I constantly switch between local and tidal, at least 6-10 times an hour.

When this error occurred to me is when I had been mixing for at least 3 hours.

It is something quite random, there are nights that I can mix for 6 hours and everything works as expected and others that after 3 hours mixing I suffer restarts every 30 minutes

Step by step from

• Power on unit • select source as ….

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Do you think it might be specific tracks causing the issue? any sort of pattern with the music?

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the times that it has happened to me it has not been with any specific track, nor have I noticed that the problem appears more frequently when handling a specific playlist or track. the problem does not appear when loading the track on a deck, the problem appears when switching from local to tidal. At least that’s what I’ve seen

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Same thing. There is no problem playing from my hard drive, but as soon as I press “Source” and select Tidal, the unit freezes (lights, jog wheel animations, touch screen) for 1-3 seconds then the music playing from the local source stops and the unit reboots. But, you know when you search on the USB and it also shows you tracks you’ve played in the past from Tidal. Those songs work, they get downloaded and can be mixed with no problem. The unit freezes only when selecting Tidal from the source menu.

Hey @Prankie @Alberto_Jumper , sorry to hear you’ve run into this. Thank for you posting and letting us know. I’ll try reproduce the issue. If you have any additional information, please let us know

  • Types of files being used
  • Workflows or features used

Files are 99% 320kbs mp3s Workflow and features are:

  1. I power the unit
  2. Plug my external hard drive
  3. Load my user profile
  4. I initialize engine lightning and set a static scene
  5. I browse some crates to fully load the database (it takes around a minute)
  6. Sometimes I load a slow track and leave it playing in a long loop with the master volume set to 0 so I can have some movement with the moving heads. (While a playlist is playing from a laptop). Later I might play a warm-up mix on deck 4.
  7. I start mixing, making sure to replace the mix on deck 4 with a random track, just to unload the mix. (I imagine it may help performance not having a full mix loaded on a deck, but I don’t know, I just do it)
  8. While mixing I use beat jump and loops a lot, and using all 4 channels for some creative mixing or just for preparations. And also adjusting the lights from time to time
  9. (This happened after the update). While the current song was playing I pressed browse, then source, and the moment I touched “Tidal” it froze and rebooted the unit. It never happened before like this and it happened 3 times in a row in that night.

I had some freezes in the past in which the device was unresponsive but the music didn’t stop. I realized it was caused by a faulty / slow thumb drive so I stopped using that.

But freezing and rebooting is new. Wednesday I’ll go to the club and make a video to see if I can catch the behavior.


Amazing! Thank you for all the details

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Is there any news?

There’s only been 4 days - 2 or which have been the weekend.

Hi everyone,

two of my colleagues have the same problem. On prime4 and PrimeGo. After about 5 hours of playing, the whole device freezes, it reboots itself and the sound doesn’t work after reboot. They had to manually restart it and then it worked. But guys from Denon, in the middle of an event this happens and causes a spontaneous reboot? THIS IS A REALLY SERIOUS PROBLEM!

It is not problem only with SC LIVE4, but with Prime4 and Prime GO too. Colleagues must downgrade to version 3.0.1 and there is no problem and report from them. There are several issues on Facebook group [Denon DJ Prime 4 (+) Users] with this problem.

Hello everybody. I have the same problem. But the strange thing is that it only ever happened in the same place. And I’m a dj in several places. Last time it happened 3 times in a row until I changed internet and it didn’t happen anymore. Could it be related to the network we are currently using?

Olá João, por favor, preciso pedir para você usar o inglês na foto. Somos pessoas de muitos países diferentes, cada um com sua própria língua (por exemplo, eu sou espanhol) e se cada um escrevesse em sua própria língua seria um caos.

Em relação ao que você diz sobre a internet, ouvi algo semelhante referindo-se a extensores de alcance Wi-Fi. É possível que o local onde aconteceu tenha um extensor de alcance? Mesmo assim, esse bug deve ser corrigido na atualização 3.1.1.