Denon SC Live 4: Right-hand platter not working

Hello everyone, I have recently experienced a critical issue that doesn’t allow me to DJ to the best of my abilities with my recently purchased Denon SC Live 4.

At some point when I was DJing (n.b. I was in Computer Mode with Serato DJ Pro v.3.0.0), my right-hand platter stopped responding altogether. Specifically, I wasn’t able to nudge the track playing on the right with my jog wheel, while touching the platter while in Vinyl Mode caused the track to pause altogether, with no scratching or position change possible.

I tested the unit today in my free time and the problem persists. Tried the following with no result: (1) Play a track in Standalone Mode and experiment with the right-hand platter in Vinyl Mode (2) Update to the most recent Engine DJ version (i.e. 3.0.1) (3) Reset the unit to its factory settings (4) Rotate the platter while pressing SHIFT with my other hand (5) Unplug power without turning unit off manually

Before opening the topic, I read through some threads in the Community where similar problems were reported with other standalone controllers (e.g. the Prime 4). Some people mentioned about grounding issues, but in my specific case I am not certain and I am looking for any inputs you may have so that I can resolve this problem. Bear in mind that, for a few minutes, the problem was present in the left-hand platter before shifting to the right-hand only up until now.

Any assistance would be very helpful, please provide your responses here - thank you very much!!!

How does it work in Standalone mode?

Edit: I can see, no different. I’d get in touch with your retailer and arrange for a repair, luckily it’s still in warranty.

Test this - Do what you described above, then do the same thing while touching something metal and grounded (in my case, my mixer). If it works, then it’s a grounding issue. Found this to be true on my first SC6k and immediately returned it - suggest you do the same if its within the return period rather than burn your warranty out on equipment that was defective to begin with. I have some videos saved showing it if you like, just pm me.

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Thanks a lot both of you for the replies. It is really frustrating that after two months of using this controller flawlessly I get this error; I can do some workarounds for now (e.g. use the pitch bend buttons) but not having a fully responsive jog wheel makes things difficult. Close to throwing in the towel and sending it back for troubleshooting and repair; anything else though is very welcome! If anyone else has experienced this same problem, report it below or send me a PM. Thank you very much again!

It sounds pretty much identical to my issue on the Prime 2, and mine went back twice. Its my work unit too so had to use a cheapo Numark controller for a couple of gigs. Its a pain sending back but the sooner you do the sooner it comes back repaired i guess.

It would be best if you contacted technical support and opened a support ticket.

Observed similar glitches on my SC Live 4, but with the left deck. I barely use Vinly Mode, so grounding issues shouldn’t be an issue (since that only affects the capacitive supper surface, at least in theory), and even pitch bending was impossible. However, it only happened a few times and after like 1-3hrs.

I have 3y warranty thanks to Thomann and will keep a close eye on this. Currently I am busy with other projects.

Any thing

Any make

Any model

Can fail

Any time

Throw in the towel about any talk of throwing in the towel - follow the above advice and get it repaired/replaced by the retailer or source

Well said @Pasha ! Again thanks for all the advice, having it checked and possibly replaced if defective is the best idea, but I’ll still open a support ticket.

Another question I have, found out today about this: the right-hand platter issue started appearing 5 hours into a DJ gig for which I used a power supply that emitted electric current of 2.5A, instead of the 3A recommended for the device. I was a straight-A student in Physics back in the day and understand that lower amperage couldn’t possibly be the cause for circuit overheating, instead causing some sort of weaker function; however, just asking - is it possible that the incompatible amperage power supply caused the defect? Used a 12V/3A plug earlier today and the problem seems to persist.

By the way, please find attached a video of the problem as it appeared.

This latest game of running things from batteries and UPS isn’t alway implimented by those as “in the know” as yourself. Indeed many don’t realise that the touch sense on the Prime platter relies on good earth/grounding so get “surprised” by platters not working fully when running from two wires to mains, instead of three wires (UK spec at least)

It’s like a DJ colleague of mine used to have a 4-gang extension lead which he’d severed the Earth/ground pin from internally so that back in his days of laptop DJing, he could avoid the ground loop hum issues. When he mistakenly used that mutated 4-gang lead on his Prime system, the platters wouldn’t respond, as they needed ground/earth

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Took this to my local service centre in Greece, fingers crossed. Will let you know of anything further, thank you very much for all your help!