SC6000 Scratching no reaction...

Different device. This the non-M.

Very true!!

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Well the Technics decks don’t have jogwheels, and Pioneer use mechanical jogwheels so the problem wouldn’t arise.

ok I loaded the all the firmwares till the frist one on it and there was the same problem. i also visited the neighbors to test it… same same ;-/

ok I didnt know that about the pioneers.

By all the negative circumstances I have to say one important thing, cause I forgot to say that: THIS FORUM IS AWESOME! I dont like the attitude of the Pioneer forum and Serato is also not so cool. This form is “einfach mega genial” and I just want to say THANKS FOR YOUR HELP in spite of my problems with Denon DJ.


Thanks! Well, we do try to allow fanboys and criticaster to clash here and take up their swords etc… :wink:

There’s lots of knowledge amongst the members, so it’s a good place to check before hardware support is needed. Talking about that, I think a staff-member should sort this out as we can do only so much to a certain extend.


That sounds good and fair :wink:

Yes that’s what I have experienced here. I re-open my ticket to inform inMusic/Denon DJ, and I’ll see, what they will recommend.

So I have to send the unit back to thomann and I’m struggeling now… Maybe I order the SC6000 by an other seller, or I’ll give the SC6000M a chance. Maybe it’s stupid of me, but the players are so interesting and such a good quality that I can’t say “I’m done, thats it”. My very first Denon Player years ago (2009?)was the dns3700, it was something new; cd and vinyl in one unit and so special. But not so good like the Numark ones at this time. So after a few months, I packed them into a box and leaved it in the attic… What I want to say is, that Denon DJ was often a Pioneer in the dj biz with some very new and good features, but often (better) copied by the other ones. Now the SC6000/m is a gamechanger, maybe years in front of the cdjs and I hope, that someday, there will be more of these devices in clubs. I’m not a fan of all the giants in the industry with copied technologies and a name, what makes everything a lot more expensive. So thats why, I want to give Denon DJ one more and a 3rd try… But lets sleep on it one night.


Get the 6000M if you can.

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Hey @djscode - Sorry to see you’re having some issues with your hardware. Normally, the best option to consider when having hardware issues is to talk to technical support via Support : Denon DJ - but it sounds like you’ve gotten in contact with the dealer, which is also a good choice. Either way, the unit may need to be serviced if there is a hardware issue, but if you’d like to discuss your experience with the team, I would suggest creating a ticket to see if there are any other troubleshooting options to consider.

Feel free to reach out via DM if you have any questions.

Thank you Anthony. I’ve contact with the dealer and the support. so the dealer took back the device for the second time and the support only tells me, to do an update to the latest firmware… thats it. I’ll give a new try to the 6000M, which they sent me express from the UK and I shoult receive it tomorrow.

Props to that dealer! Good luck man and hopefully it’s a much happier picture for you when you get them. I love mine!! (except what I noted earlier which is very rare!). Please let us know how it turns out!

Wish me luck😅


Nice ! The SC6000M it’s a beautiful player media !:hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed: Good Luck ! :wink:

Thanks a lot for wishing me luck😃.

I spent 3hours now in the 'M (45min of scratching) and it was a very good feeling without any problems while scratching and juggling. The slipmat is also good stuff and for me its no problem to scratch very smooth and light with it. Also the back spin problems I’ve heard about in this forum didnt affect me.

Ive had troubles with the pitch range, but thats a SW problem or maybe one of me as user, cause i’ve setted the pitch range on +/-8% but as I was playing with the double layer function one of the two layers allways pitched +/-50%.

So what now?

First: Im happy with the 6000M and keep it, no doubt. I love the very good integration of Tidal and Beatsource and its way better solved, as in Serato. The double layers are awesome and a very good to handle. Hope there will be some additional features in the future. I also hope, that Denon DJ will release a LC6000M… Please Denon.

Second: Im totally UNhappy with the SC6000 and the scratching function… Thats a big problem and nobody can tell me a reasom why. BUT Denon DJ sent me a direct mail (I think thanks to @Anthony_DDJ ) to help me or better… To help to find de reason why. Ill send them all information and serial number, maybe it helps.

Update SC6000t: Ill send back the Sc6000 tomorrow, so yesterday i turned it on again for scratching… You know what? It works…10min no problems! Same location, same table, same USB same firmware… I switched it of… And get back 2h later to test it again… And yes the problem was back…

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And another question, cause i dont want to open a new thread: Is it right, that I cant set the Hot Cues automaticaly in order to the time of the track? Chronographic?

Check if you have quantize on. If it’s on but the hot cues are still not “on time” check if the beat grid is correctly placed on the track - most often reason why it’s not correctly placed is the wrong BPM value.

Sorry my english is bad, thats why you misunderstood me… Let me explane (maybe :slight_smile: ): In Serato, no matter which auto cue i set (1-8) it always set the cues in a chronographic line. So when I hit Cue 3 and its the first one, Serato sorts it as Cue 1. With Denon its diffrent in the same case so when I hit Cue 3 and its the first one, Denon also set it to Cue 3.

You know what I mean?

you want chronological hot cue.

there is no option for this in engine

vote for it here