SC6000 Scratching no reaction...

Hi at all

I’m coming from Serato and Pioneer DJ and starts my transition to Denon DJ with the Sc6000. Ive installed everything and running the latest software of 1.7. (Edit 2.2.1!)

The problem is the vinyl mode and its horrible cause i’ve no reaction to my movements like you can see on the attached video. This happens 60-70% while im moving the plate. Vinyl Mode is on, needle drop, lock playing decks etc. is switched off. Its nearly impossible to scratch, no matter how intensitive i push on the pattern.

So what should I do know? Send it back and order a new one or is this a problem of the player and cant be solved? Somebody got the same problem?

Video Example:


Have you taken the foil of the platter?

I cannot see it clearly in the video as you normally would see the red label marking to take the foil of. The 10-inch screen also has the factory foil on it, so I presume the platter has as well.

If already removed, check the unit’s grounding and boot without touching the platter.

I don’t know what you mean by “latest software 1.7”, because we’re at 2.2.1 at the moment.

Yes I took the foil of which was red at one edge. So yes im running 2.2.1 I was confused cause the user guide is V1.7.

It drives me crazy and I think Ive a defect pattern… Do you have any circumstances while scratching or not?

It’s reacting as if there is no earth/ground reaching the player. Try a different venue (friends house) different power leads.

I don’t scratch much, but I don’t have any platter touch issues (SC6000’s, SC5000’s, Prime2, Mixstream).

Check grounding indeed. With a light feather touch to the platter, it should already respond.

Sometimes it reacts and sometimes no reaction at all, like you can see here:

An here you can see that I put the Sc6000 on the ground, a stone floor in my basement. Same problem… Sometimes it works, only sometimes and seconds later no chance to handle. It feels like the player doesent “remember, that im in vinyl mode” and its like im playing with the cdj mode… It looks like im very hard pushing the pattern in the video, but its not. Im touching it smooth like with thr 1210s or my ddj1000srt.

Oh and I forgot to say THANK YOU that you spending time for my troubles. Regards from switzerland🙏

No problem.

“Grounding” means electrical grounding. Pasha already gave the option to check the grounding or try the player at a friends house to be sure. Use all grounded 230V sockets in the house (from the device to the wall and everything in between). For your country:

Don’t use! image

Use these types! image

In switzerland we can use only the grounded cables like I should use. We dont have the first one you posted.

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Check the earth continuity on the lead itself. Im in uk but my lead was supplied faulty only picked up on an electrical safety test showing it had no earth connection in a moulded plug… so it is possible to have a “new” lead as bad


I checked the grounding and changed the power cable 3times… no changes. I tooked the player now in three diffrent rooms an one other house. exactly the same problem. I must be a device problem ;-(. But i’m not the only one in this formum with excatly this problem.

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I’ve never seen the grounding issues presenting as a lack of touch, but rather usually an excessive triggering of touch in venues that had no ground. Knowing a bit about the Swiss, I highly doubt his outlet is ungrounded.

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yes me too… i’m a DJ since 2001 and have never any problems with groundings. Except 1210s in very bad club conditions :wink:

In my experience, the ground issue presents as usually your hand just hovering over the platter causing the touch to trigger. The remedy without being able to ground the units is to just bend on the bottom or sides of the platter without reaching over it, and to only put your hand above the platter when you mean to actually touch it. I successfully DJed just fine being careful like that a few years back for a NYE silent disco. Unless the SC6000 platter is wildly different than the SC5000 platter, this almost seems like a physical fault inside. Do you only have one unit?

Yes ive only one unit to give Denon DJ a try. In the Clubs im spinning mostly with Serato 1210s and Phase, CDJ2000/3000 in HID Mode of Serato or with the DDJ1000SRT. Im totally not happy at the moment with this problem and sent an email to send back the sc6000… Hope the new one will not have this problem.

Sadly I experienced the same issue with one of my sc6000 since couple of Days…I had removed my jog skin (Dj but no change…my other sc6000 with exactly the same skin and on the same socket work perfectly…so I don’t understand anything… why they’re is no jog calibration (I had a Prime 4 before with “Jog calibration option”)

:confused: we are not the only ones. Send your sc6000 back to get a new one. The problem will no get better… Even worse I think.

But what makes me really angry is, that denon did not never ever answer to me, as I sent them an email with the problems.

So now Im waiting to get a new sc6000 and hope, without this problem. Othewise is getting ugly.

I’d just send it back and get a new one. I havent had any issues with my pair. You may have just gotten a faulty unit.

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Hope I can tell ya’ll this soon too.:grimacing:

unfortunately it is hard to believe, but i have now received the replacement device from thomann and exactly the same problem as with the last sc6000 player. And this time it’s even worse than the first one, as you can see in the videos…

Denon DJ this is really an extremely bad job and I feel compelled to see Denon DJ again as a hobby DJ product manufacturer and not as equal to the local competitor.

I’m also very sorry for the effort of thomann, because they always do such a clean job and have a super good reputation, so it’s a shame for the whole work behind it…