No filter when cueing to headphones

Hey, I just got a Denon DJ Prime 2. First impression was great, but then I tried to do some mixing with the filter and… you don’t hear the filter on the headphones when cueing the channels. You only hear it on the master channel, which is pointless if you try to pre-listen for a doing a filter fade. This used to work on my quite old MC6000, and this expensive piece of hardware is not able to do this? I’m wondering: Is this only a Prime 2 issue, or also occurring on the Prime 4? Is it a bug? Is it a feature? Would have been great to have this documented somewhere, but none of the reviews pointed this out. How are other guys handling not being able to hear filter and FX when pre-listening on headphones? Really curious.

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Yeah I agree this is annoying

It is the same on Numark MIxstream Pro, with no filter and no effects.

Most mixers won’t cue filter/effects when cueing channels, Pionner, or Allen & Heath. I have a XONE DB2 from A&H, it’s a ‘high end’ mixer, and filter and effects are not routed in channels cue. Default behaviour is to hear filter/effects only when cueing master

Thanks for the replies, did not know that even high end mixers don’t have this feature. I’m getting used to it now I guess, just have to keep in mind that what I hear in thr headphones is not 100% of the signal that will be mixed in the master channel.

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I posted something related: Effects: Turn off automatically when change the track

I think there are two needed feature request,

  • Listen the effects on the headphones
  • Turn off the effects when you change the track.
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Having the same issue. This is a problem because you are able to apply filter to cue on pioneer cdj and xdjs

Moin @chocolate_chaos,

I think this post is regarding your issue as well:

Enjoy the day and brgds BeatMaster

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Moin @chocolate_chaos,

and here is a furthermore post in this matter:

Brgds BeatMaster

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appreciate this thanks. downgrading back to 3.0.1 for now

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I think it’s only a workaround. We want forthcoming and attending technical improvement :innocent:

actually i downgraded and it didnt fix the fx cus issue for me. i did the downgrade using the usb file

this is flabbergasting for me, as v3.0.1 works properly. Phps there is an other reason for your inconvenience

Good luck in detecting the reason

turns out it was never available on the Prime 2 :cry:

Moin @chocolate_chaos

I think, you are right in pointing out this item.

As I learnt in the other post, P4 has a special chip, which is deactived since v.3.1.0 (imo too early; step two before step one).

If I’m informed properly, DENON is working on it, to develop “prelistening before fader” controlled by software regarding all concerned gears and all FX (even FX1 and FX2).

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that DENON succeed in this development asap.

Brgds BeatMaster