Effects: Turn off automatically when change the track

Hi, I always forget to turn off the effects when I finished to mix; so I was looking for a way to configure to automatically turn off the FX when I switch the track of course on the same player, is that possible ?

As if that were not enough, the effects are not played on the headset, so I press play, and surprise, the track start with a reverb, or something like this =D

Any ideas to help me ?

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Serato has this option in settings but I don’t believe our Prime systems have this option in standalone.

This isn’t possible I’m afraid but why not create a Feature Request as it would be very useful if effects turned off when another track is loaded?


Where can I create a feature request? I think Github is not public…

It’s the section called Feature Requests.

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Feature requested: https://community.enginedj.com/t/turn-off-effects-when-you-load-a-new-track/43085



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