Onboard FX in Prime 4+

To select the onboard FX in the SC Live 4 you have a visual list of all the effects come up on the touch screen for us to select as to which effect we want to use. The same feature is not available on the Prime 4+. We have to run through each effect using the Onboard FX knob to search for the effect we want. I feel it would be easier if there is a feature where I can see all the effect options I have on the touch screen and am able to choose the effect I want quickly. Using the knob to run through each effect may be time consuming during a live set.

Is there a feature like this already in the prime 4+ where i could choose my FX1 and FX2 by looking at the screen?

If not I request denon dj to make this feature available as it makes using the onboard FX much easier and saves time.

Hey @vision_hire_ent

I hear ya. :smiley: We’re adding the better effect selection menu to the Prime 4 and + to the next release. Stay tuned



Moin @AIRVince,

this is good news and I’m really keen on it.

Btw: Is there a realistic chance to solve this item in the same strike?


Thanks in advance and enjoy the day.

Brgds BeatMaster


We haven’t moved the dual filter to before the headphone cue. This is something that we still have in mind to implement, but isn’t currently planned for next release.

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Moin, thanks for your prompt reply. So the community have to be patient :innocent:

Brgds BeatMaster

Oh man! This is awesome news to hear! Thanks AIRVince!

That’s great news. Thank you!