New Denon Media players on the way?

What are we all thinking? Given this glut of releases from the t’other side, could there be some new products from Denon coming along?

Im using an LC-6000 connected to Serato right now but would love a slightly more compact media player to replace it, that retains the dual layer function. SC-5000’s are getting quite hard to find and the 6000 with the screen is a bit too big for my stand, a new more budget friendly player would be great.

Do you mean like an equivalent of the XDJ-700 or so?

Yeah possibly Kris, that would be very good, even a replacement SC-5000 at a lower price point than the 6000 would be a good option too.

For people being curious about the Engine eco-system, a smaller player could be a nice entry point for sure. I could have used that for sure when I first got interested in the system, but ended up getting a Prime 2 instead to try it out, and then upgraded to 2xSC6000’s and an x1850 a few months later.

If I’ve had the option of a smaller single-player, I might have gone with that earlier :blush:

Not sure if a smaller player would then be a Numark product instead though?


That might actually be a good option, an Engine powered Numark media player similar to how the Mixstream pro sits alongside the larger Denon units.

I agree with all said but you know what is the problem?

We’ve been here before. We’ve been talking about this since 2017. That was 5 years ago. This just feels like a endless Groundhog day.

Instead of single layer Denon/Numark EngineOS players to compete with XDJ700 and 2ch mixer inMusic decided that all-in-one units will be it’s bread and butter Denon entry level gear.

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Yeah you’re right about that. Im going to source a good condition used SC-5000 for my rig at home. I like the LC-6000 a lot but im stuck with my outdated 3 channel sound card. A media player would allow me to run a 2 channel sound card then have a 3rd deck completely independent of the laptop, with the option of using it in HID mode.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Engine ecosystem appears on most cost-conscious media players and all-in-one consoles, but under the Numark and Stanton brand names rather than Denon DJ.

I totally agree though that it would help the whole Engine ecosystem and Engine family by it being on more and more entry-level options.

Eg: a beginner/bedroom/streamer DJ could buy, or be gifted a £250 Stanton all-in-one, get used to it, its features, its flow and its interaction with Engine DJ software for library management. Then, if he/she feels that they’ve outgrown that model, then they can upgrade to a Numark MSP or MSP+ for a while, and still enjoy all that flow, existing library structure etc. later still, if they’re really feeling like going places then they can look at the Denon DJ SC lives, the Prime go (if they really need battery pack over some features), Prime 4 or the SC and X flagships

It’s a really good upgrade path


I’ve said from the start, I wish they’d release a standalone (all-in-one) that mimics the layout of the SC Series and X Mixers. So the same pad layout, etc. Get people used to that setup so then it’s a more natural upgrade for them to move to the big-boy stuff. But what do I know. : )

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They should probably redo Engine DJ before anything else. That program is straight garbage.

Being curious - what do you miss from it?

Only thing I personally miss is the option to add artwork, as well as change the actual ID3 tags of the music files.

Other than that, I find it an awesome library/preparation tool.


Lol ! You probably didn’t know Rekordbox from 2010 to 2015 as preparation software, that was really trash! lol

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I suppose they could always do decks like the S4 mk3 where you can switch between motor and touch at will. I mostly tend to think the InMusic players and all-in-one lineups have plenty of options, maybe too many, other than perhaps a giant hybrid TT deck separate or a better compact all-in-one unit. Regarding the former, not having a vibration-inducing CD mechanism on a vinyl turntable would be a step up from the prior attempts, and the VL-12’s issues warrants another turntable in the line. Obviously TT-200/500/X interchangeable or fixed S-arms would be the preference, but I didn’t want to bother making an S or J arm on the crude CGI below. To get a semblance of the latter backpack all-in-one solution and prior to the pandemic, I started using my third SC5000 non-M with a tiny mini mixer. Come to think of it, I have some ideas for a better mini mixer, as well as some other mixers… but I digress.



I find it perfectly usable for prepping my tracks for DJ gigs, it does pretty much what it needs to.

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I think EDJ has come a long way. What I want is better use of that 10.1" screen on the SC6K!! Its comical to have such a HUGE screen, and yet 9" 3000 shows more lines of information. At some point Denon are going to have to address this!

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What information do you miss on the screens? I personally find the layout of both the screens and units overall much cleaner than the Pioneer products, which seems overly packed for my taste.

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That’s fine, I just diaagree. The two biggest advantages for me are…3000s have 2 more lines of info in Playlist view, and 3000s show a visable representation of the preview waveform when in Playlist view. In general, on the 3000s, there is no wasted space at all. Every centimeter of that GUI is occupied with pertinent information. The fact that the Playlist has optional tabs of info is another biggie. You get to decide what’s most important to you, and only display that. We don’t need empty space on the screen to make it look clean. We need as much info as possible. When comparing the two, the SC6K looked half-baked…


Yeah, all comes down to preference for sure. Pioneer still looks far too busy for my liking in comparison, but certainly it’s a matter of taste :blush:


I could definitely go for more columns, more sorting options, more info on the track pop up, and ability to actually do something with the pop up, like go to the track’s folder.

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Sorry… but the Pioneer display is ugly!

Already, I do not understand the track column normally it is the number if it is based on a CD.

There “Track” corresponds to Title!

What is “default” for?

The number in front of the “Track” is useless, since with Engine Dj we can reorganize the order of the music in the column!

I would add when I see the size of the lines of the pieces, where is the point of bothering to add and display the illustration images when you see that it is almost unreadable???

The music note in front of each “Track” line is useless, we know we’re going to play music and not a video lol

Why make it complicated when things can be so much simpler!

Someone organized will not need so much information displayed!

A click on search and we have the essentials!

For my part, I have a root folder which contains folders named by genre (more or less roughly) and these folders contain folders classified by artist, beforehand with my tag software, I correctly filled in the file name with the artist & title metanames, I filled in year, genre, bpm, key, artist for sorting and album arstist.

I’ve always done this since 2005 when I used Serato Scratchlive, Itch, Sdj and SDJ Pro and besides what I liked about Serato was its uncluttered display side, unlike Traktor, but the criticism is was the quality of audio for Serato, Traktor was above, but DVS level Serato never disappointed!

Display level, I think there will be improvements soon Denon listen to us, even if unfortunately it may take some time to set up!

I have had my P4 since July 2019 and with each update I am surprised by the new features and interface improvements.

Without forgetting that all these additions and improvements are free, we won’t have to buy a product every 3/4 years for 2/3 functions that take place afterwards.

It’s just my opinion!!!

However, I think it is possible to reduce the font a bit in the display of playlists and also modify the display of the waveform to have a larger view when playing a song.

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