Request: A feature-bracketed Prime 2 the size of an American Audio Versadeck

For the next tier beneath the currently-underpriced Prime 4, I’d like a Prime 2. Feature bracketing on the Prime 2 would be identical to the Prime 4 if it ever gets any bracketing compared to the flagship players & mixer. You would lose out on two faders and the layers but gain on portability compared to the Prime 4.

The American Audio Versadeck, also known as the Synq DMC2000, Audiophony DJinn, Akiyama Synchron, Voxoa S60, DJ Tech U3, NX Audio DJ Media 7000, among others, has the best size compromise for usability and portability I’ve found.

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 16.5”x11.75”x3.5” / 420x299x89mm
  • Weight: 10 lbs. / 4.4 kg.

We have a Feature Request section where this ‘product request’ could live, @Reticuli. Maybe put it in the PRIME 4 thread of that section?

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This area is not for product suggestions.


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I believe you just moved it back to the subforum I originally put it in. Nekoro’s_DenonDJ’s comment is also why I did the Hybrid TT thing in the SC5000 feature request subforum. You want me to move that one? Or you can move it, obviously. Thanks.

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