Lexicon - Advanced multi DJ app library manager with full Engine DJ support!

Hi guys,

Some of you may have heard of Rekordcloud, the suite of tools for DJs to help with common struggles and pain points. I’ve been working for over a year on Rekordcloud 2.0 and I’m really proud to present Lexicon. Lexicon includes all of the features Rekordcloud has and much more, in a way more user friendly and familiair package. You can read more about Lexicon on the blog.

Lexicon aims to be the ultimate DJ library manager with many advanced features for libraries of any size or complexity. It can import and export directly to the 5 biggest DJ apps, including Engine DJ 2.0. It can even export directly to your Denon hardware devices. I don’t want to start listing features to try and “sell” Lexicon so I would say just give it a try and see.

Lexicon is now in open beta which means that it is currently free for anyone to use. All you have to do is download Lexicon here, register and you can get started immediately. Please report bugs on the Lexicon forum so we can keep this forum post a bit clean :slight_smile:

If you want to help make Lexicon better, please report bugs and send me all your feedback, ideas, complaints and everything else! Bugs are always top priority and will be fixed in a few days at most.

You’ll also find a Discord channel link inside Lexicon if you want to chat or brainstorm.

I hope you enjoy it! :slight_smile:

ps: If you’re already using Lexicon, let the others know if it’s any good please!


Not off to a good start here. Trying to create an account but being told “Something went wrong. Please try again”.

Got on to the v2.0 Lexicon, and got to say, it works great now with my external drive, with 1 exception; I had to manually import the tracks into the playlists. Bit of a faff, but now have all my Prime cues in Serato for those “vinyl” days.

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Try again please! Minor server configuration issue.

@yeltsin If this is still a problem and still happening, please make a bug report and I’ll get to the bottom of it.


Downloaded, will test in a free moment at the weekend.

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OK I’m in now. Thanks!

Next issue. Tried to import VDJ database but Lexicon says it can’t be found. Is it only looking on C:?

Needs a popup box so user can locate file if it’s elsewhere.

Should be fixed in the update that was just released.

Hello, I still use iTunes to organize my music because it is the only tool which has an integration to all different Dj Tools, which I am using for different events and happenings. Sadly I am not able to import or sync iTunes with Lexicon. Maybe this would be a cool feature for the future.


There is an iTunes importer in Lexicon. You can find it on the Sync page → “Import tracks and playlists”.

The iTunes importer is in beta so be sure to check the results and if anything is wrong, let me know so I can fix it.

What about cue points and loops- are these also taken over ?

Yes cues and loops are fully supported between all DJ apps. Playlists, smart playlists, streaming tracks and everything you can think of.

What happens to Rekordbox memory cues when the playlists are imported to Engine?

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Thats fine

I can’t find the companion app login code in my Profile to upload my collection.

What I’m doing wrong?

In my profile window I only see my email address and the Facebook name and any advertising requests but no code ??

Hello many thanks for your job

Are the people at Harman International Industries happy with the chosen name Lexicon? :thinking: To me the name linked instant with the existing Lexicon audio brand

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Do I need a paid plan to import the Engine Library with the compainion app?

I wanted to test the free beta but without the libary ???

@Christiaan OK thanks for the fix. VDJ database now imported.

However, it’s imported three filter folders (aka smart folders) but none of them contain tracks. It’s like the filter wasn’t understood. Selecting “edit smartlist” brings up an editing window but there are no rules (hence no content listed).

I think @Christiaan may find it helpful and easier to track issues if you raise them on the lexicon forum or discord.

Just a thought.


Thanks @mufasa :slightly_smiling_face:

For those using the Companion App: that is the old Rekordcloud. Download Lexicon instead here: DJ Library Management - rekordcloud No subscription is currently required.

@PKtheDJ can you zip and send me your filter folders? Vdj is a bit weird with filter folders so anything that doesn’t work is good to have so I can make sure they work.


Does this add auto cue points like MixedInKey then allow me to import them in Engine DJ? All my music is analyzed in MixedInKey an then imported in Engine DJ.

Also how many cue points will it add?