Bunch of newbie questions

Yes you can. I plan to shoot a quick tip this weekend on how to do that.

  • But its easy enough to explain.

  • Make a folder for all your DJ Music on the hard drive.

  • Copy all your internal computer (C drive) music to it.

  • Use Lexicon to Relocate your music (so you dont lose your hotcues etc)

So this external becomes your collection drive and Engine DJ will use it just like uses your C drive.

Could be anything, you can try flashing the update again or blowing some compressed air into the crossfader. If that fails you may need to send it for repairs

The straight forward way is to treat the installed drive (p2) like a USB/SD card. Other people use it differently but it can get really confusing. So my advise is to use it like a USB. Export from the main collection drive to it.

They are not dissimilar.

The expected use case

  • Collection drive (can be internal computer drive or an external storage connected to the computer) - This all your music files

  • Export drive (USB/SD/Installed drive in P2/4/6000) - music files you want to dj with (it can be your entire music from the collection drive or just a portion of it)

If you use an external drive as your main collection drive, you can also plug the drive into the p2 eg say you didnt have time to export before a gig or you have a wedding and you need your entire collection handy just incase the gig goes sideways

I bought a Kingston USB stick on Amazon as well, lets just say its only good for copying word and excel files

Samsung and SanDisk will be my go to brands when it comes to storage

Mud? Clear?

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