Can Engine DJ / OS read the ID3v2 Tag Rating

You’ve absolutely hit the nail on the head and perfectly explained why we need it. It’s a mess with a lot of the non-standard tags and they way some softwares read or write to these kinda things.

I hope things move in a more standard way in the future but it’s still a long way off getting people to change what they’ve already done.

I wonder if there’s some software that can convert? Rekordcloud/Lexicon’s developer (Christiaan?) adds features quickly and if there was a conversion module written for it that could take all star ratings from databases or other ID3 fields and write then to the tag, it would be a feature to help convert our library to a more standard way of thinking.

He added a feature that I suggested in literally a day as typing in your own custom keys is now possible after I made a suggestion.

Maybe a little conversion tool that writes database files to ID3 tags could be added?

Hit him up here: Lexicon - Advanced multi DJ app library manager with full Engine DJ support! Testers needed for open beta!

It’s a ‘paid for’ product but it’s something you can use to turn on and off the sun as and when you want to add batches of music. The beta is currently in open beta too so grab it!