Lexicon - Advanced multi DJ app library manager with full Engine DJ support!

Yes, Lexicon can generate cue points for you and you can add a template so it’s much more use fuji. You can Sync (export) your Lexicon library to Engine DJ.

You can add any number of cue points although Engine DJ does have a maximum.

Great news. I will look into your program more once my Prime 2 is out of repairs.

I don’t suppose you have any videos of added auto cue points being used with music? No problem if you don’t.

Not yet. Videos will follow later, once Lexicon is released


I just purchased my subscription to Rekordcloud/Lexicon last week and i am very impressed so far.

Currently trying to finish off a house extension so my time with it has been limited and will be for the next while however i am looking forward to how this progresses.

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I’ve been using the beta for about a month now… This tool is truely amazing, and once you start to realize the power of all the features, you’ll be hooked. I had ZERO problems with the transition to engine 2.0, as I simply was able to export my serato library perfectly in about 30 seconds, with no corruption of my cues or beatgrids. Everything just works… Tack on the Rules based cue point generation system, the quantize features, bulk editing, I could go on. Try it. It’s leaps ahead of the native tools offered by any core DJ software.

  • I’m missing Camelot key advertisement

  • Browser Font is too small an heavy to read on ext. Monitors

Camelot key requires a license so that’s why it’s not available. But Open Key is identical to Camelot and free to use for anyone so better to use that.

Next update will have a setting to change the font size.

This is a shame because I and probably many others work with Mixed in Key and use the Camelot Key there and have the values written into the track tag

Great that adjustable fonts are coming

Yeah I was about to ask the same thing. Open Key is not “the same” as the Camelot system.

Not only does it use d and m instead of A and B to represent major and minor (in German) but the numbers are rotated too. C major is 1d whereas with Camelot it’s 8B.

Would it be possible to provide empty fields for us to fill in our own keys ourselves?

Keyfinder does this. It has empty spaces where we can fill in custom key codes. This could elevate any issues with the Camelot method as the onus is on us to type in our own “custom” codes.


Yes that could work. I’ll try and find a place for that


Thanks for that @Christiaan

I think my own ‘custom codes’ may (or may not) resemble a certain other popular method of displaying key codes :thinking:

Open source key detection: KeyFinder


Custom key codes is now an option in Lexicon. If you test it, let me know if you find any problems with it :slight_smile:


How do you add the auto hot cues?

Analyze in MIK for keys > analyze in Lexicon and generate auto hot cues > Reimport track info in Engine DJ?

If you want MIK keys, just analyze whenever you want and make sure MIK writes to the “Initial Key” tag. Then reload the Key tag in Lexicon.

To generate cues in Lexicon: right click tracks → Use → Generate cue points

Hello Christiaan

I love this software to juggle my collection of serato traktor engine super practice and no equivalent bravo yet.

I have a request for information that may exist in lexicon but I have not found it, when I ask for traktor I have all the hotcue in blue and I would like to have them in various colors, in fact I use mik to generate the hotcue and I send them to traktor to retrieve them in engine only they are blue and I would like to have various colors regardless of the color but not all blue, if a solution exists in lexicon please tell me how, again well done you change my life

I did that in Lexicon and then I tried re import track info in Engine DJ but no hot cues were added.

@madmax Cues in Traktor are blue so to give you the same experience, you also get them as blue in Lexicon. But you can change them with the “Change cue colors” recipe. Right click tracks → Edit → Recipes.

@JustMe Can you see the cues in Lexicon? Might be a bug in the Engine exporter where some tracks don’t get cues. I’m looking into it.

I see three hot cues added on one track I was testing in Lexicon.

Try a few more tracks maybe. There appears to be a bug where some tracks don’t get cues added to Engine, so I’m trying to fix that.