Corrupt Database Help - Database and Log File Upload

Hi Everyone,

If you are currently experiencing database corruption, please follow the steps below to provide us with your database and log files. This process takes a just few minutes and is really helpful to our development team.

As always we appreciate your support and assistance!

Database Files

Navigate to the folder directory below:

  • Windows: C: > Users > currentuser > Music > Engine Library
  • macOS: Macintosh HD > Users > currentuser > Music > Engine Library

Select all of the .db and .db-journal files and then compress them into a single zip file. Music content and other folders should not be included in the archive.

Name this file as '

Log Files

Navigate to the folder directory below:

  • Windows: C: > Users > currentuser > AppData > Local > AIR Music Technology > EnginePrime > Logs

    Note: The AppData directory is hidden by default. Please follow the instructions here to unhide this folder.
  • macOS: Macintosh HD > Users > currentuser > Library > Application Support > AIR Music Technology > EnginePrime > Logs

    Note: The Library directory is hidden by default. Please follow the instructions here to unhide this folder.

Select all of the log files and then compress them into a single zip file.

Name this file as '


Once you've located and compressed both the Engine Prime database and log files, please contact our Engine DJ Technical Support team for further assistance. A member of the team will help you identify the needed files and provide a link for upload.

Support | Engine DJ

Once again, thank you for your assistance with this. Your efforts will help us better understand and identify this issue.


Could be that the issue isn’t happening to people more often than it used to

It’s just that now that there are cheaper primes , Within more people’s budgets there are more people for it to happen to

Unfortunately I have now updated my drive from backup so unable to provide required information, but have had the problem when optimising drive saying afterwards that my database is corrupt. I also have had yesterday, a couple of tracks with their song titles removed by the software which is odd.

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Hi @darrenthedj - Understood. If it happens again, please let us know and upload the files as mentioned above.

Interesting note about the optimization, we’ll take a look there. Are you updating a regular USB drive or internal drive? Also, are you Windows or Mac?

Ive had the software remove a song title as well… extremely odd. For me, it kept the artist, but the song title field is blank.

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if you get database corruption you do not have to reformat the drive simply delete the engine library & start again so if you have a mega collection as most oif us open format dj’s do as you are analysing your folders etc do a few & copy the engine libray to a spare drive so that when corruption occurs copy that into that dirve & it will put you back to where you was now the backup database that appears in engine is useless im not sure waht or why its there because it doesnt help it backs up to folder on my “c” drive when what it should be doing is backing up the library on the drive you have your music on i also found that because i have multiple drives with roughly the music/folder layout you can copy that same engine libray to another drive so you dont have analyse it again

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The ideal place for a backup is a different drive to your main (music) drive, not the same one.

That way, if your drive fails, you won’t lose your database and your backup.

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what i am saying is theres no choice as to where it backs it up & it does not back up the engine library you have to do that by copying & pasting the libray in that drive to some where else

Yes it does. The backup folder contains the same files as the main database folder. That’s a backup.

Oh, maybe you mean the music files? I think it’s better if those are not backed up by EP, as it could be very time consuming if EP did that for every backup. IMO the priority is for EP to handle the database rather than the music files.

i suggest you check the database fella cos when it corrupts say when the pc shuts off unexpectedly whilst analysing thgen you do a restore it does not work because it back whatever to a folder on your “c” drive but it the databse actually on the drive that corrupts & if you dont have a copy you gotta start all over again ive spent weeks sorting this

im at a loss - spent hours creating new playlist only to find that ep would not show it in my playlists to sync to my drive - no playlists showing now at all !

I did export the xml to my drive so at least I have that - this also happened yesterday so you can imagine im pretty vexed by no - i hope someone can help me get my data back

when i open ep i get a message telling me that my c drive is corrupt but it is absolutely fine

i have uploaded my db and logs as requested - seems ep is unusable for me right now :frowning:

Are you sure that’s what it says? What’s the exact wording?

As far as I’m aware, when EP has a problem with the database, the message states that the database is corrupt (not the whole drive) and then suggests formatting the drive (which is bad advice and IMO should be changed).

Yup you are right, it does indeed say ‘database is corrupt’

Hi @JessArmadillo - What is the drive letter assigned to your removable device with your Engine Prime collection on it? Isn’t the ‘C’ drive your system drive?

Could you share a screenshot of the message in Engine Prime?

My music library is actually stored on my d drive which is also built into my laptop.


Okay so I’ve given up waiting for or trying to find a solution to this, which is a shame for such a great bit of hardware that seems let down by unpredictable software.

My solution for now at least is just too manage my database solely from my stick, and to copy it to another drive directly for backup since I can’t seem to rely on ep doing this job.

I mean, I can understand that this is a new ecosystem and will take time to mature, but I can’t overlook the fact that I have taken time to upload logs exactly as requested and posted here in detail of what problems I’m having but support from Denon staff seems to be little to non existent, and I can’t help but think that this may put people off who may be considering taking the plunge to move to Denon hardware from buying, because I mean, fair enough if this was an open source type project developed by volunteers, but it’s not, the hardware costs good money, and I don’t think it’s too much to ask that we at least get timely support with problems experienced.


Hi @JessArmadillo - Thank you for the additional information. This threads purpose is to collect as much information we can about this issue to help us understand what could cause this for some users and then work towards a solution. This issue does not affect all users so as you can imagine investigation will take some time. We aim to improve the software with each and every build we release. Hopefully the next release will resolve this issue for you.

Do we have an ETA for the next stable release?

We’re still in private beta at the moment. Unfortunately, I am not at liberty to disclose target dates or release windows for any product, hardware or software but we will be sure to inform everyone across all our channels when the next version is available.