Can't read files - Engine Prime 1.6.1 preparation

Hi there, I’m using Engine Prime 1.6.1 to prepare my usb for the mcx8000. It’s not working. I exported my playlists and crates to the usb drive but the mcx8000 can’t read the files. the manual is not very helpful. There is also no “export to MCX8000”-button showing up like described here… "Export to MCX8000" button missing

Any ideas? Thanks very much.

Solved here in not?

The solution that Denon gave me in the thread that you linked to worked for me. Here is their response:

"In the latest EP release, the EXPORT TO MCX8000 button doesn’t show up until you expand the view of the USB device that you are exporting to. See below:denon1 denon 2