"Export to MCX8000" button missing

Hi all, first post. I did a quick search in the forums for my issue, but didn’t find anything - I apologize, though, if this has already been discussed.

I recently bought an MCX8000 and am trying to get my library set up to use with it. When I first installed the Engine Prime software, I remember seeing the “Export to MCX8000” button at the bottom of the screen, but now it seems to be missing. I’ve turned “Enable MCX8000 Compatibility” on and off several times in the settings window, as well as even uninstalled/reinstalled the software completely.

When I turn MCX8000 Compatibility on, I can see that it says my tracks are compatible, and the MCX will indeed play the tracks. However, the waveforms don’t get loaded on the screens, and needle scrub only works if the track is paused.

I feel like I’m missing something super simple here, but I’ve exhausted all other resources.

I tried to post a screen shot of the software, but the forums won’t let me since I’m new. Thanks in advance for any help.

In the latest EP release, the EXPORT TO MCX8000 button doesn’t show up until you expand the view of the USB device that you are exporting to. See below:

I hope this helps.

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Thank you so much!

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My pleasure. Enjoy!

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