Engine Prime 1.6.1 - How to prepare for MCX8000

Hi folks, I’m trying to prepare my usb with crates an playlists but as it seems there are some problems with the right export. MCX8000 can’t select the crates/plaxlists/history folders at the usb drive. I read that there is a button at the Engine Prime software where you can enable the "export MCX8000"but can’t find this at the version 1.6.1. :confused: Anybody has an idea? Thanks very much!

Hi spex, please check this thread and the video in it. https://community.enginedj.com/t/crates-show-on-usb-in-laptop-but-not-when-plugged-in-mcx8000/

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Oh man… thanks a lot… failed to see this… :slight_smile:

Basically it comes down to two things: 1.) Enable mcx8000 compatibility in the Engine Prime 1.6.1 preferences - to identify non-compatible file types in your collection 2.) Use the special mcx8000 export button

And of course, mcx8000 needs to be on the last 2.5 firmware.

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