Brand new PRIME GO - clicks and pops in output after upgrade to Engine v2.1.2 when loading, but v1.6.2 is fine

  • I have a brand new DENON PRIME GO purchased on Monday.

  • It came with Engine version 1.6.2 out of the box.

  • It worked OK with a bunch of test flacs on an old spare Class 10 16GB microSD card in an SD-adapter I had lying about to test.

  • I upgraded it to v2.1.2 over wifi when prompted with no issue almost as soon as I got it.

  • After the upgrade I noticed when analysing or loading tracks (more frequent with analysing, but happens just with load), occasional faint clicks or pops appear in the audio output. They aren’t loud, but they are noticeable, especially when playing ambient or beatless music. The sound I hear is as described in this post: Clicks when tracks are loading on 2.0.x firmware, Prime GO

  • Since I don’t know how old or what quality the SD card I tested, I went and purchased a brand new SanDisk Ultra 64GB SDXC UHS-I Memory Card (no microSD adapter!), and a brand new SanDisk 64GB Ultra Fit USB 3.1 Flash Drive to test with, using the same files, plus others. The same semi random pop/crackle appears when loading or analysing tracks. I tried a lot of different flac files.

  • This is disappointing as I have purchased this device to eliminate the unreliability of digital DJing with laptops and USB cables etc from my life.

  • Like @TesTov reports, reverting to version 1.6.2 of the firmware has fixed it. The cracks and pops are gone.

  • It was fairly difficult to find the old version of the firmware, the official download page only gives me a link to the current version. For reference the download link to the old version is It would be great if older versions of the firmware were easier to find.

I’m really surprised nobody else has reported this, if it is a firmware bug! IMHO this makes this device essentially not fit for purpose, when upgraded.

Is it something others are seeing but don’t care? Or does it only happen on some DENON PRIME GO devices? Or does nobody else upgrade?

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My Go doesn’t do this, I would suggest speaking to the place you bought it from ASAP before your return/replacement window closes.

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My Prime Go doesn’t do this too but I’ve seen reports of it before.

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I’m in communication with inMusic technical support and seeing if they can shed light on the issue.

And what should people do if the warranty period came out in time earlier than the release of firmware No. 2??

I wonder if it’s migrating the database from ver 1 to ver 2 in the background and that additional task is creating the pops and clicks

I doubt this is the case, as I was using a freshly purchased SDXC card and USB3 stick with the flacs copied over again from my PC for the later tests - so there would have been no older version DB on these at the time.

Has anybodyb tried rebuilding the database from scratch, rather than just upgrade.

Does not depend on the database. Even if you write files to a new medium without a database, then at the time of analysis there will be clicks of the sound of sound. The problem is in the firmware.

this may depend if it is a HW or software fix.

Due to the fact that on the firmware version 1.6.2 all problems with sound disappear, we can conclude that the problem is still software

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Right and 1.6 used the old database.

This is happening on ver2 Therefore if a new database is made in engine does it still pop and crackle. Not a database upgrade or transfer but a complete rebuild

It does not depend on the database. Problems with sound even when files without a database are recorded on a fully formatted media. That is, the device scans the music track and produces interference. I don’t always want to download tracks via a computer by scanning them in advance. The device with its functionality should allow you to play simply from the carrier without pre-scanning. However, this does not happen perfectly on the firmware version 2+ and there are problems with sound during the load on the processes of the appar, which at this time scans another music track. On firmware version 1.6.2, you can do anything, even download an hour-long music track, and there is not a single sound failure. The picture may start to slow down slightly due to downloading a very large file, but the sound never interferes with firmware 1.6.2, which is not to say about the new firmware version 2+

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UPDATE: v2.2 firmware appears to fix this for me.

I have been loading tracks over and over, including the same brand new SDXC and USB3 cards I purchased to test the issue, and not one pop or click after the upgrade to version 2.2 of the ENGINE software.

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I’ll check it out first thing tonight!! If the problem is really gone, I’ll raise a glass to Denon dj. You have given me hope!!!


I can’t believe my ears, but the problem is solved. I’ve been waiting for six months! finally, I will be able to taste all the delights of the new firmware 2+. All the clicking sounds are gone. I checked even on the heaviest files. Thanks to Denon dj.


great news! awesome!!

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