Engine DJ software, old versions - where can they be found?

  • Are there old versions of the ENGINE software available for download somewhere? I’m after 1.6.X for Microsoft Windows

  • I have a DENON PRIME GO. Due to a hardware issue or software bug, I am stuck with version 1.6.2 of the ENGINE DJ software until this is resolved (see Brand new PRIME GO - clicks and pops in output after upgrade to Engine v2.1.2 when loading, but v1.6.2 is fine )

  • Since on the PRIME GO I can’t bulk analyse tracks I’d like to install this software to crunch through my music collection on an old laptop - but the current available version will do the new database version not the old one.

I’ll reply to my own post as I found it down the bottom of the page at

I should learn to read the whole thing and be more patient :slight_smile:

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