X1850 - FW 1.7 - Changelog?

Easy question. Anyone?

Cheers Oli

Don’t hold your breath, i already asked and i’m still waiting.

x1850 1.7

Changelog : Try to update you x1850 1.5 and you will have a bricked one… and won’t be reconized by the flash program in the futur… :rage:

Mine already had 1.6 on it when it was delivered. But in fact i had some trouble with updating it to 1.7 - using my Windows-Desktop update always stopped when it was done around 50% - had to use my Notebook instead and then it worked just right

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Interested to see the changelog myself here.

@RedEyesis So they put the new firmware online for the public. For me does that mean that the update problems with mixes of the older hardware versions should be fixed. But yes, if you had that bad update experience before i would wait for confirmation as well.

Edit: Did you try and bricked yours? As i wrote earlier i had to try several times until the update went through

I have try multiple times with both PC same result : When “Data Receiving” appears on the mixer i m supposed to press “Next” on the x1850 Firmware Updater but that “Next” button doesn’t react (the animation of press work but not the next step)

Ensure that you are running the Denon X1850 control panel app alongside the firmware update app or, in my case, the laptop will not see the x1850 on Windows 10 or 11.

Probably not the case for Macs as they are class compliant so probably don’t require additional drivers.

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Mine see it, thats not the problem i am stuck to the next step (the 6 Data receiving appear on my x1850 but i can’t press the next button on the PC Program)

Oh i have retry but when my x1850 write i have instant press the button and it works now lol

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Glad you got it sorted, it certainly is not easy to update firmware on the x1800 or x1850.

BTW: Worked for me without open Control Panel. But @Revan is absolutly right, the whole process isn`t that easy and fluffy. Using some USB-Stick with the FW on the root folder (like on the Prime 4) would be MUCH easier.

Thanks Revan…i tried to update my x1850 and it got stuck in demo mode…put the control panel next to it and tried again…all updated…cheers

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Would like to read the change log too! Just updated to 1.7 on the X1850 via MacBook without issue.