What was the last DJ related item you bought?

Hahaha if only, im shocked nobody has made some yet given the massive rise in popularity of 45s.

Aaaah. I keep scouring eBay for another.

I traded in an AMX and AFX for only £150 at Bop DJ back in 2015. They were very rarely used and in perfect condition.

I’ve heard of people trying to get hold of them now and they are like rocking horse :poop:.

I was split between buying one of these or a Reloop Mixtour. I went for the Mixtour in the end, and I’m glad I did now, cos I can use it with DJay Pro 5 on my iPhone and on my laptop.

I would have bought the Reloop in a second if it had phono inputs, it’s a shame that new one doesn’t.

@MrWilks yeah I’ve been scouring smack converters and various sites for months on an almost daily basis looking for one. This came with a deck saver included too and is in top Nick.

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Finally bought a Kallax cabinet to hold some vinyl and a turntable. It’s been way too long since I’ve played any vinyl while Djing.


Very cool setup! With Amie speakers from Meyer Sound :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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When is the new xfader for it coming? :wink:

I’m ordering the upgraded innofader for the one I have. I’m giving the Amx to my son since he has 1 turntable (str8 150) and I have the other. We mostly use the tts just to play real vinyl but when I hooked up the amx to his iPhone and gave him a taste of dvs his eyes lit up :smiley:.

I think you probably end up using it on it’s own most of the time.

Too bad there are no more devices like the Amx anymore😢

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This will be on topic if any of you can help. One piece of equipment in this video caught my eye. The stand he is using! I’m thinking it would be perfect for the Prime Go especially for me to use at home. Anyone come across it, or have any idea what it is?

Looks like a standard keyboard stand to me?

Is it this?


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My brain didn’t even go to keyboard stands, possibly as I am just adding a new improved step to my crate digging routine. That looks like the exact item given the crossbar thing just under the right side.

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That’s what I thought, might be worth looking on the Roland website as there could be a full range of them with different sizes.

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Hi :purple_heart:

I use stands from Gravity, the KSX 2 is a double-braced keyboard stand in X-shape as well, it is available as a desk (though I do not have that):

The green rings can be replaced with black ones, other colours are available, though I quite like the green … Denon DJ green :green_heart:

I have had keyboard stands from different brands, I like the ones from Gravity best. I use one for my MPC X, which is more the size of a controller … I use the keyboard stands mainly for keyboard synths and my mallet station. There is also an extension available that can hold another smaller keyboard synth, nice! :blush:

Compared to the slightly cheaper no-name stands, Gravity stands are not much more expensive and the quality is clearly better. I love them. :purple_heart:

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Well… while this bloody YT upload my >25GB video mixset file takes so long, and it’s kinda related to this topic, here’s what I bought, crafted and changed in the recent weeks:

A Prime 4 in pretty white (as new primary device), Sony ZV-E10 with Tammy 17-70 f2.8 (as secondary camera / POV), some upgrades to my Skarmask (upgraded shoulder-plates with LEDs), and then, of course, there’s that whole studio I inherited from my father (may he find eternal peace) and transformed into my new music and video HQ with several modified DIY parts, including those Hexagon Nanoleafs, that eye of Ra, menacing looking clock, etc.

Testing those old Hifi devices was especially adventurous, two units blew their transformers in a pretty spectacular way, and there are even more measuring instruments and generators that I can’t even operate without studying engineering (or finding the manuals). But hey, as long they flash their LEDs in a pretty way… it’s all about the atmosphere, right?

Happy weekend, Engine and SoundSwitch fellas!


It just gets better and better!

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Damn, that looks soooo clean & artistic ! it´s the denon prophet :smiling_imp:

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IMG_0336 I’m 7-zark-7 and I approve this message!

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Recently upgraded my custom LED screen. Stupidly over engineered for synchronized colors during my mixes :rofl:


A new audio cable for my headphones only to find it doesn’t work properly with those head phones i assumed the cables were all the same but lesson learned not in this case :rofl:

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Got my first RME-Audio interface back in 1999 (Digi96/8 PAD). Mainly to record from an analogue DJ mixer, but also to edit audio tracks.

After that positive experience, I have never changed my main audio interface to any other brand than RME.

Went from the Digi96/8 PAD to the HDSP interface. And for the last 11 years or so, I’ve used the Fireface UC. The Fireface UC will still be used, but it gets another role in my home studio. So… it was time to do an in-place upgrade to the Fireface UCX II. :wink:

Might even be my last upgrade as these devices have such a long support period; CRAZY GOOD stuff!