What was the last DJ related item you bought?

Just got the phase thingy.

Hope it’s worth the hype.

The phase facebook group makes the denons own look like kindergarten.

People complaining left and right, and the other side of the fence…the happy campers who are satisfied with it.


Phase owners are mostly DVS turntablists, that know what they want. Just a stable time code. If the device does provide a simple stable time code - done. Not much to talk about there. Anyway I like the idea of Phase, bad thing it came so late… I sold my Turntables already because of having SC5000M’s.


Some of my latest things: ADJ Starship, Cameo LUKE 700 RGB, dB Technologies Sub18 H. My oldest things are the Technics SL1200 Mk2.


Phase was the last item I ordered, too. So far, I’m very impressed. Works great with Traktor and Rekordbox DJ. I mainly use it for mixing, which works great.

I have started to learn some basic scratching techniques and noticed a little sticker drift sometimes (at least in Rekordbox DJ). It’s minor and should be gone (at least) in Serato as soon as the announced HID support hits.

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Got Phase a little over a year ago. Love it. Did a livestream mix using it along with SoundSwitch last week and put it up on YouTube. Check it.


Not quite DJ related, but just got a Scarlett 4i4 midi interface so I (and more importantly my daughter) can have a bash at making tunes in Logic. I did get some chromacaps that arrived yesterday as I’d broken a cap on my X1800’s cross fader, and before that it was my control vinyl for Serato when the Primes went Serato compatible. Boring really, I’m happy with my setup (though would take a 5K to 6K upgrade).

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Just recieved this today… A bit wrinkled from delivery…


That looks ama… wait a minute… :thinking: “Engellegal”

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Yeah, I know… My own design. I do like the stuff in Denons webshop, but imo its more aimed at the P4 and P2 users (the vertical waveforms), so I decided to go ‘solo’, since I’m using the SC5000😂

Funny thing… 3 years ago I was mad at Denon. (Like REALLY maaaaaad)

To many issues with the MCX8000 and today I’m wearing a hoodie with the text ‘Proud Denon Dj’… All because of the Prime Series. Love it!!!


Last thing I bought for DJing was a Samsung SSD for my primes. An HDD should have been fine but the database and or the searching is abysmally programmed and so has to be compensated for by overpriced and over the top storage

An extra pair of Sennheiser HD25 headphones. :smiley:


Speaking about that:

I bought the Sennheiser IE500 Pro, but luckily nowhere near the suggested retail price.

Last DJ related thing that I bought ?

Bubble wrap for selling my backups backup


A box full of 25 foot IEC power cables. A few less extension cords to deal with!

Sandisk 1tb SSD for use with the upcoming 6000M

LOL! I’m with you on that. Due to the pandemic impacts on my business, I’m starting to look at what equipment I really need and what I can do without.

WD Blue SSD for my hopefully soon to be shipping SC6000s.

Mine was the x1850.

I also purchased and set up infrastructure for live streaming.

The next purchase will be an iPad and 2x soundbox speakers.

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One SC6000 added, more is comming


I bought a relic of Denon’s past to mess around with. Solid mixer and so far I haven’t had any issues with the non-linked BPM effects, they’ve only drifted less than 1 BPM up or down in hours of use. I…I think I like it more than my X1800.