What was the last DJ related item you bought?

I’m the one following you over Ont he Now Playing Discord and been watching you do this for a few weeks now.

Literally loving the progress on it. Nice Hooj “T” too! That takes me back.


I’ve got the matching Swann Prime 4 case to these. They are great.

The Technics and mixer are in Odyssey cases as they were cheaper at the time.

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They are made in a barn on a farm believe it or not:) although it’s expanded a lot since I first went years ago. I think they supply a couple of formula one teams with travel coffins, and also a load of rock bands with their roady gear.

Got these boxes for less than 60 quid, which in my eyes is an absolute bargain, will last me a lifetime.

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Yeah I had a few back and forth correspondence with them due to my launch day Prime 4 not fitting the case properly. They’d used thicker foam on the top and it crushed all the faders. I was going away for four months with the P4 two days later.

In the end they sent me new foam to glue in myself.

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I’m guessing they were building it to a spec sheet and didn’t physically have one, good of them to send the replacement foam out though. I’ll bet they adjusted the design too.

I like the fact you can buy all the components to add connections to the back panel if you want and have it like a plug and play setup.

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Thank you.

I have a few more ideas, some of which are pretty wonky :rofl:. We’ll see how far i get :wink:

Mastersounds have teased a ‘MK2’ of one of their products coming tomorrow… my guess is a new Radius, really interested to see what they have changed :slight_smile:

They added that “Sub” frequency to the Isolator like on Stereodreamer’s Condesa Carmen V.

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Yeah and the combo filter from the valve, so it’s smooth mixing aide for the first half of the curve then a proper swept filter for the 2nd… looks awesome:)