What was the last DJ related item you bought?

Gokeda laptop stand from Amazon £16.99

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Meyer Sub.


Our venues on ships all use Mayer and the nightclub has two twin 18” Mayer subs either side of the stage. They do sound pretty good.

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Yeah, I’ve got 2 Meyer Amies for my “booth” monitors. I’ve always loved the way Meyer systems sound when tuned properly.

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Just ordered this, used a 10% discount code and with the additional reduction managed to get just over £240 off… properly excited to swap out my old monitor (that ive had for about 10yrs now).

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I’ve got one of these. For the size, they’re great. I can get in to a venue in one trip, …& if necessary, go to a gig on the train.

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Thats exactly what im looking for Ian… I have a Proel Flash 8a now and this Bose is 3kg lighter and 7cm shorter, with a proper handle, its going make a hell of a difference for me carrying gear into gigs. Im also looking forward to the battery option too so I can wire up at home with minimal fuss.

Just read that clearly, 240 off right?

Not that you bought it for 240 :grimacing:

Yeah you read it right, paid £404 for it:) they had £200 discount for this model due to a newer version being available then I found a 10% discount code so got another £45 off.

If anybody else is considering one of these, make sure the one you’re buying includes the rechargeable battery.

I’ve seen them listed a lot very good prices, which seems like a bargain until you realise the battery’s not included.

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Yeah 100% Ian, I had to double check this too… luckily my invoice says ‘with battery’ so if there is anything amiss I’ll be straight in touch. It’s misleading on their site however, until you add it to the cart.

I’d recommend the slip cover too, as the plastic marks easily.

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Yeah I looked at that, I dont mind a bit of wear and tear though, makes it look like Ive actually done some work lol.

I have similar, absolutely needed for the GO and this particular kind fit perfectly while being extremely portable.

Nice new Swan Flight box for those round plastic spinny things. Lovely.

I then spent an hour of my life I won’t get back making this frame to sit between the new and existing one.

Only to find that the boxes stack on top of each other anyway :see_no_evil:


I recollect hauling my ST-150s to gigs with Swan flight cases. They weighed a ton.

Still using the same turntable cases when I’m gigging with the 5/6000. I have a foam from another bag to stop the decks from moving about during transport.

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Yep, my first ever Swan case was a CDJ-1000/DJM-600 coffin case about 20 years back:)

The best thing, I didnt have to pay postage as they are based just 10 minutes from me, on a farm behind Hardwick Hall in Sedgefield, which funnily enough is where one of the top club nights of the 90s/2000s ‘to the manor born’ was hosted. Seen Masters at Work do a 4hr set there, and Mr Scruff, Lawler, DJ Spinna, Spen and loads more over the years:)

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Believe it or not it has been this Beelink SER-5.

It serves as the component that reads data via StageLinq & directly connected to my mixer to run my experimental MeowPlaying app for streaming. Here’s a recording of it working.

It currently runs Ubuntu server (no GUI), and I plan on installing a window server so I can run my experimental fork of Project M (Open Source-version of Winamp’s MilkDrop visualizer), so it can drive the RGB Display to my right.


What are the chances.

I’ve literally just received something similar, the Trigkey Ryzen 7, 32 gig model, second one this week.


I absolutley love this little box and considered getting a second just because :rofl: