What is the proper method to add update prime collection from hard drive?

I have a collection of music in prime and it has been anbalized by prime and then exported onto my thumb drive to play on my prime 4 controller. great.

now when i get new music and download onto my computer i add them to my music collection file on my PCs hard drive. I have in that file different genres so when i get new music i put the new songs into the appropriate genre files. simple tight?

Now I want to get those files with the new music to update on prime collection so I can pout them onto my thumbdrive and DJ some new music. Simple right? its not… i do not see any way to sync prime to the hard drive file am i missing something? what is the correct method

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Have You tried Sync manager?

It syncs your PC/Mac Engine Library with whatever external hard drive or usb stick.

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I have the same question. How do you maintain the Library? This is not about syncing the Engine Library to the USB.

I would like to sync the Engine Library with some specific local folders, or a folder with sub-folders. Whenever I add new music to the local folders it would be nice if the software can also update the Engine Library. Preferably with a menu option to start the sync.

I work around this by dragging the same folder to my Library again, this will find the new songs. But it will not automatically remove missing (removed/moved) songs. They are marked Red and you need to manually remove them.

Am I overlooking a local sync this feature or perhaps an option to clear all missing songs?

At this moment there is no option for clear or find relocated missing tracks. This is a request for this feature here: https://community.enginedj.com/t/relocate-missing-tracks-engine-dj-desktop/36808/133

@DrLastContaQt Thanks a lot for sharing the link to the feature request. Interesting discussion.

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There is 3rd party tool that You might look at: Tuneup PRIME - Library Management Toolkit for Windows & macOS - Create smart playlists, relocate your tracks, and more!

Thanks, I will definitely look into that!

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