Touch screen sometimes not responding

funny that, both of mine that were returned had damaged platters,no issues or damge before i sent them, apparently damage caused by the plugs denting them, both players had new pcb bits fitted and the one that had a screen freeze issue received a new screen, it also came back damaged and the screen lasted 5 mins before failing completely, so again for the third time a player is going back, at this rate ill be lucky if any of it works …lol

I first sent it back in October for repair and it was returned back to me last Friday.

Dent on the platter. Touch screen frozen after about an hr of use.

I spoke to the retailer who have been fantastic trying to sort this out, the report said inmusic had tested it and found no fault even though I attached a video of the screen freezing.

The sc6000 I purchased in October 2020 has been flawless not had any problems with it.

I just got my SC6000 yesterday and today I first experienced my screen freezing. It is very unsettling for me to see that this problem has been around for some time, still with no apparent solution in sight.

After reading some of the experiences in this thread, where people have sent their player for repairs twice and still experiencing problems, I am very close to just send the player to the retailer for my money back. For this price, I don‘t want any hassle regarding recurring repairs. It‘s a shame, since I thought Denon was at the point where they can actually stand up to Pioneer, but quality obviously still has its price.

If anyone has a fix or workaround for this problem, I would love to know about it. Cheers!