Tidal playlists have completely disappeared from prime 4?

Could anyone possibly shed some light as to why all my tidal playlists are no longer visible on the denon prime 4? I’ve reinstalled the latest version on the prime 4, I’ve reset the app on my phone, cleared cache… I’ve reconnected my login details over and over again and still absolutely nothing? I don’t understand why all of a sudden I cant access or see any of my playlists?

Hi, just coming to confirm that the same happened on my Prime Go after 2.2.2 update.

No playlist are found (mine or public), all tracks are gone. The only functional bit of Tidal that remains is the search function.

Im seeing the same on my Go, probably the other players too, aparently its a Tidal issue/change

Why do you say that? Where’s your info from?

It’s all working fine via Rekordbox, Serato and VDJ.


Thanks Vince, so nice of tidal to keep their partners in the loop lol :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Strange how it doesn’t seem to have affected the aforementioned DJ software.

When did this change take place? How has it only affected the Denon hardware?

I was using Tidal yesterday for a whole set via VDJ and all was fine. Just tried again today (as well as the others mentioned) and everything works.

The possibility of this happening should be a stark warning to anyone who relies heavily - or even totally - on rented music. You never know when this could happen.


Other implementations not being affected by this change simply means that they do not use the API in a way that exposes this issue. I think it’s important to say that as far as we can tell, we are still in compliance with all documented requirements.

As for the time, I cannot say when the change was made, but we reached out as soon as we discovered the issue.

As to your warning - we are working to make sure that these sorts of outages will not occur in the future.

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That’s good to hear :+1:

Please let us know as soon as the current issue has been rectified.

Thanks Vince, that’s answered that one! Hopefully this is resolved fairly quickly and reverts back to how it was… Just one quick question whilst were on the subject of tidal, is there any possibility that when choosing tidal as a media source on denon media players, that folders are visible to navigate through music libraries more precisely? On my mobile app all my tidal music is separated into folders but when loading tidal onto the prime 4, the playlist folders are non existent and the playlists are in a single list.

I was going to ask the same thing.

Tidal Folders would be nice.

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This would be a nice touch… hopefully in a future update this is something denon would look at

For Tidal playlist folder support see and vote my request here:


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The way I’ve got around this is labelling playlists e.g

House x tech, House x deep, House x classics, DnB x liquid, DnB x intelligent, DnB x neuro ect, ect then organising by alphabetical order.

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Have the same issue on my Prime 2. Spent a ton of time creating crates/playlists… tried to load it up and devastation… :face_holding_back_tears: Even my playlists are not there but search works, as noted above. Thanks @AIRVince for the info. Looking forward to the fix.


Awesome! Great communication :ok_hand: just checked and all working fine, much appreciated :+1:


So glad this is fixed, got a big party Sat :beers:

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