Those who own both the GO and the larger Prime gear

Before the pandemic, my go-to ultra portable solution became alternating between a mini mixer plus a single DN-HS5500, and then eventually a single SC5000 after long using a ADJ Versadeck.

I do not need a battery, and dislike the lack of inputs or the tiny jogs, but my biggest concern is the pitch fader.

How do the pitch fader increments differ on the little GO faders compared to the larger pitch fader units? Is the pitch resolution as fine as on the long faders per range, just less distance to move to get to each new increment?

Just ordered one - happy to drop my 5 cents once I’ve received it and checked it out :blush:

I always keep my pitch range at 4% on my 6K’s, so I do hope I can still easily do 0.1% increments even with the smaller sliders.

If you dont need a battery and dont like small jogs, wouldn’t the SC-Live 2 be the best option? or Mixtrack?

Echo @STU-C here! Go for the SC Live 2! I have the GO and love it! The faders are quality! But I use it because of the battery and super small size for ceremonies (and sometimes small events). If you don’t care about the battery get the 2 for the extra real estate so you’re not accidentally moving things you don’t intend to! It’s a bit cramped! I DO love it, but if I didn’t need the battery part I’d go for the Live 2.

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SC Live 2 would still be too big for this purpose.

I want the option to not need a laptop, so Mixtrack is out. I actually have a number of controllers, including a variant of that line I need to repair… iDJ3 or something. My super portable controller-only options are all covered with tiny modular separates I have, though… Luis Serrano Cavero-designed stuff.

Sorry I meant the Mixtrack standalone, cant remember the name?

I also still have two Versadecks in various states of defects & repair, but the benefit of having the Engine DJ Prime database I share with my players would be cool. I mean, I already had a request for a Prime version of that sort of format, I think…

Thats why im suggesting the Mixtrack as it is an Engine device, but cheaper and smaller than the other Prime devices whilst also having larger jogs and no battery.

I need to correct though, im actually talking about the Mixstream Pro, forever getting names wrong. Anyway its had lots of rave reviews from people who bought it.

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I didn’t even know that existed, let alone runs on Engine OS. Interesting. Little wider than I want, though, and the pitch faders are also tiny. Don’t need built-in speakers, but the jogs are bigger. Pitch faders are more important to me than jog size, though, so if the GO has true 14-bit pitch faders in a short size (they exist and a few controllers use them), then maybe that’d do the trick. Does this Mixstream Pro have any other benefits up its sleeve compared to the GO other than the bigger jogs and the speakers that give it a special niche?

It’s half the price and has those effects paddles which are super fun and should be on all DJ gear again in my opinion.

My retailer loves them, says they are what true DJ innovation is about, great value and powerful.

I know what you mean about the pitch faders, the ones on the Mixtrack Pro are so good too, shame they couldn’t find the room. I reckon on 8% range they would be fine on the Mixstream

The SC5000 non-M and M versions have pitch fader resolutions at 10% range moving from the zero center of about 0.01-0.05 and about 0.02-0.03 on all other areas of the fader.

It varies moment to moment because it’s a randomized sampling of the position with some toggling of the values, which is a good thing considering these don’t appear to be 14bit faders and that spoofs the effective resolution even higher. We did the same thing on Gemini MDJ firmware.

At 50% range, increments are about 0.10-0.20, also with randomized sampling of the value.

What are you guys getting at 10% and 50% ranges on the GO?

I checked. It’s 0.01 for all ranges.

It’s a small fader but not unusable and you need a little patience finding the exact pitch with anything over 8%.

For me, the battery is fantastic. I can put it in my lap in front of the TV, prepare cue points etc and then put that SD card into the Prime 4 or SC5000Ms (I have those as well). As a prepare tool is great, I travel with it and fits into luggage easily and it allows me to DJ in new ways, not tethering me to the mains power.

Currently have a second here but that’s not mine.

Isn’t that better than the flagship separates with longer faders. I don’t mean how many digits are on the pitch readout on the screen, rather what are the increments moving at with the smallest movements you can make at the various ranges? Your statement would indicate better than 14-bit pitch fader resolution at 100% range, which is only possible combining a very small 14-bit pitch fader like the one on the Mixvibes U-Mix Control Pro in combination with the randomized sampling of toggle values of each new position of the pitch fader… and even then that’d be a stretch.

Sorry, that’s what I meant. It moves in 0.01 but you have to have a steady finger.

At 4% this is delicate!

It’s 0.01 increments at just the lower ranges, right, like on the SC5000/6000? What range was that demonstration you just did at? It’s not performing like that at the higher ranges, is it? I mean, you just mentioned 4% as being a hassle to deal with at those increments, but the higher ranges would obviously be even more difficult for the user to deal with those tiny of increments… not to mention difficult to engineer for both hardware (analog to digital conversion of the fader) and then firmware. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it’s hard to believe, and your statements seem contradictory.

I can get odd numbers throughout the travel of the fader. It isn’t m accurate to actually dial in a number you want though.

It moves in 0.01 for all of the ranges from what I can gather. It’s just hard to tell as it jumps so much!

Which range was that video you made?

Do you also have the flagship separates?

Oh, and can the GO work as a MIDI or HID controller, too?

That video was made at 4%. It’s the same for the others but it’s much harder to nail.

0.02 would be a better idea for these pitch changes.

I have the SC5000Ms and Prime 4 but they aren’t with me for another month. I’m working away and just in Singapore.

The Go has computer mode and can be used with VDJ (with screen) and believe it can be mapped too in other apps but people will need to confirm that.

When you have time, I’d love to see a video of the GO pitch fader being very gently & slowly moved in small amounts repeatedly at 100% range.

That sounds like a really niche fetish :rofl: so I am happy to oblige.

At 4 and 8 I am fairly happy to move in 0.1 increments, although it requires a steady hand.

At 100, as you can see, I couldn’t go less than around 0.12, but that is 100 so I wasn’t expecting much better.

/edit Not sure why the video is in portrait, I didn’t take it that way. Odd.