Those who own both the GO and the larger Prime gear

Actual manual DJing capabilities are a niche ‘fetish’? O.k.

I think you mean 0.01 increments at 4 and 8% range. Random toggle increments of 0.12 to 0.23 rather than discrete at 100% are similar to the SC5000, just using a shorter pitch fader. So, the GO has similar pitch resolution function with the current firmware as the flagship separates, just more touchy, but that also means you won’t move the GO pitch fader to a slightly new adjacent position and never get a response.

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I think he meant the Mixstream Pro standalone :grinning:

Mixstream Pro

Corrected here.

Had my Go for a few days now, and you definitely have to work the faders and fiddle around with it a bit from time to time to hit the value you want - I haven’t had to “give up” though, so it’s definitely possible, yet not as smooth as on the 6K’s. Highly useful little device though :blush:


What’s it like on the 8% pitch setting Kris? Is that what you had it on?

I’m always on 4% - will give it a go (pun slightly intended) on 8% tomorrow :blush:

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Cheers Kris:) I keep casting a sneaky eye over the Go and the Mixstream Pro as a backup unit, although I do love the little Mixtrack I’ve got too.

It’s a lovely little unit! Got it for me to bring on tour for when there’s only Pioneer available. While it’s (obviously) not the entirely same feeling as 2x6000’s and an x1850, it’s still a super sweet unit to play around with, and a way for me to be able to play exclusively on Engine :blush: it has exceeded my expectations so far for sure!

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Yeah it’s got a great rep too hasn’t it. Phil Morse loves it.

My retailer swears by the Mixstream, said that’s what proper groundbreaking gear is.

I might have chosen the Mixstream if it’s been a bit smaller, but it’s too big for me to have in my luggage :-/ I do like the EQ placement etc better, but to be fair it’s actually been less of an issue than I expected with the horizontal EQ on the Go.

And the fact it’s battery powered is actually pretty sweet as well when traveling :blush:

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Oh yeah I definitely think the go is worth that extra bit, and I know I’d have no issue DJing on it either. Do the jogs allow for good pitch adjustments?

It does, yeah. A bit loose to my liking, but it’s definitely useful. I do hope there’ll be an option to link the +/- buttons to the chosen nudge sensitivity as an addition though :blush: but after 5 transitions after receiving it I pretty much got the feel of the jogs.

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Sorry for hijacking the thread btw @Reticuli but hope it’s useful info for you as well :blush:

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I assume the pitch resolution at 8% on the GO will be exactly the same as the SC5000, just that on the latter, you can move very tiny amounts noticeably and have it sometimes do nothing, which tells me either the long fader is lower resolution per distance than the short or isn’t being utilized as well as it could be. The GO’s touchy performance on the SC Prime separates would be preferrable.

I also prefer vertical EQs, but my tiny little mini mixer with 3.5mm in & out jacks has similar layout and is sort of defective. So, the GO vs SC5000 + mini mixer is more an issue of hassling with cables & layers vs something closer to Versadeck without a full mixer section. I’ve also used a completely passive solution with even more wires with an SC5000, but that’s just at home. I did work in split cue, though.

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That’s a button I need to make far more use of, the nudge ones. Never ever managed to get into those and I should. They’re a relic of old skool CD decks arent they.

Can you not make the pitch bend buttons just range like you can on the Prime separates?

GO has split, too, right? Is it in a menu or an on-screen button? If GO has split buried in a settings menu, when you deactivate all cues, does split automatically turn off? Can you override mono split with more than one cue selected?