Sc6000 discontinued?

Was looking on BH Photos page for the sc6000 and its saying the product is discontinued which is a shame since I’d like to have a second one.

Is this maybe just a glitch or is there something around the corner (maybe NAMM?)

Lol - no it’s not discontinued.

More likely someone who runs the website just got a free pioneer for “accidentally” marking the sc6000 in that way.

Reached out to a BH representative and got this with a link to the sc6000m


If only this were true. SC6000 is in stock. I’m looking at it right now. : )

on the B&H website it says that the sc6000 is discontinued, the sc6000m is still available for purchase.

Is this an ad for B&H? lol They might not be carrying it any longer but it’s not discontinued by InMusic. I’m looking at it, sitting in stock. We’re a dealer. All is well.

No SC6000 stopped at Thomann DE, they are in stock!

Music Sore :

As long as I will be able to buy a second one sometime in the near future then thats all I’m really worried about.

Was just weird to see that and with NAMM around the corner it would make somewhat sense, but then again I’m not familiar with the usual lifecycle of denon products

BH photo do this with cameras that aren’t discontinued quite often, I have no idea why they do this.


interesting, thats super weird!

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It’s showing available and in stock at my local retailer too.

Agree, a lot of their out of stock stuff shows as “discontinued” Maybe a internal store error :+1:

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I believe the sc6000 is discontinued along with the prime4. Soon the prime go also.

All the signs are there for a + version of these things to come.

There might be stock for these units now but once they run out there will be the plus version.

The Prime4 no longer exists at my retailer.


Well if those Plus models are really only about Amazon Music (which really isn’t that relevant considering we already have 4 great alternatives without stupid 2-track limitations), then those ain’t proper “successors” for me at all. Just that added DRM chip, for something which otherwise would be made possible with a mere software update for any other streaming service.

For me those Plus models just add extra clutter, confusion and administration/warehouse hassle. Mixstream Pro Plus is just one example, it already sounds stupid. The Mixstream (as great it is for its awesome price) is no Pro at all, it’s an entry to mid-level device - they should have just called it Mixstream and add VDJ + SDJ Lite support from the beginning.

But hey that’s just me. Maybe the demand for Amazon Music is crazy high among DJs, or they subsidze those Plus models. Then it at least makes some sense.

They aren’t meant to be successors, thats why they are called ‘plus’ models of the same generation. its just a reiteration of the existing model.

Yes, I agree. Yet it still requires extra product entries on their website, and the store websites as well, etc. as technically they are different products/hardware.

I would have gone a different route: Dont release a P4 Plus, but instead wait a bit longer for the “proper” successor and just add Amazon Music there as additional goodie.

We had this same argument in camera world with the Fujifilm X-T30 though, they changed the internals for better performance and labelled it the X-T30ii… people were un uproar about it ‘not being a true successor’ (you see a pattern here)

What are they meant to do?

If they keep the same model name, it confuses people as to which one is which. It could also potentially open the door for scamming people in used sales by claiming its one version when its the other. There are also probably laws in place to stop companies making changes to an item without having model numbers changed to reflect it, hence seeing ‘facelift’ versions of cars etc.

What you would have done doesn’t translate to what is best for this company to run a business, they have licensed Amazon and they want to get that feature into their players, why wait for XYZ amount of time to release a completely new machine when they can integrate a chip into an existing model to get the feature out there.

Probably hoping to drive their own sales.

Pioneer offer bulk ordering discounts and “loyal dealer” discounts. So if a dealer buys just 10 of a particular model, it might cost him $1200 each to get those. If he orders 100, then pio only charge him say $1000 each. But if the dealers going to shift 100 of the same model (bearing in mind that pio love superseding their own products quite regularly so the dealer won’t want to get stuck with 50 of last years nice toy once a new model is announced) then the dealer is going to have to really get customers to focus on the stuff the dealer wants to shift.

Loads of ways of doing that; like getting staff to manipulate sheep customers toward what the retailer wants to sell, rather than what the customer thought they were coming in for, free leads, discounted flightcases, discounted tatty plastic greenhouse cover for unit, free headphones etc etc. suggesting that rival products are out of stock or discontinued works on many customers too.

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Yeah that’s a fair assessment.

Although i will say that the tatty greenhouse cover works a treat on my Prime 2 inside the Magma softcase:), its a pretty good combo for lumping gear around. Not sure id have them on my stuff at home though.