REALLY Denon ? SC 6000?

Why is DENON releasing a new SC6000?

Ok, yeha. Progression is great, but where is the progression in the software, the firmware?

I am really, really sad about this …


The smart bet here is that software updates will come around the time the new units are available. Given the new hardware released today, it’s clear that they have a broad market strategy and hope to significantly grow their user base, which means LOTS more angry folks if the software still stinks.

Hardware like this has to be ready for the big events (NAMM), software it squishier.

I’ll say also that my general take on the sc6000 is that it’s an upgrade to take them through the next few years. It is 1. a more attractive units to better compete on first impression with Pioneer, 2. includes some improvements based on feedback and experience (ie bigger screen b/c they realized in the sc5000 that yeah a huge touch screen is dope, so lean in), but crucially 3. Denon is still incredibly far ahead of Pioneer CDJs on features and overall UX (imo), even with the sc5000! They needed a new unit to incorporate some improvements (and I do think that the initial impression b/c of aesthetics is hugely important here), but their players still wipe the floor with Pioneer on features.

I’m glad they’re at the refining stage here, and I’m excited to see what they do with it.

It’s just a facelift. Literally the only difference is aesthetics and the bigger screen.

SC5000’s came out 3 years ago.

Your looking at the new industry standard layout. Pioneer, once they picked a format for their original decks, just rolled with and became standard no? Same thing happening here.

Bigger screen though?

If I watch a scene from a zombie movie on a 40 inch TV and see 40 zombies across the field, would I see more if I see the same scene on a 80 inch tv?

No, I’d just see the same 40 zombies , just bigger.

So, as I’ve not read anything about people saying anything shown is too small, so I don’t think the bigger screen offers benefit, just wow factor. But maybe wow is a benefit too ?

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I said the same when the Prime 4 was released especially as i concerns library management (bpm, beatgrids and ease of use of Engine Prime)

Guess what … ain’t sh1t changed

Just more promises, more reassurances and addition of fluff (streaming, preview, etc)


Not quite true… With the addition of the bigger screen you can choose to see 10 tracks listed, instead of the 6 on the SC5000…

Would be the same as if the 80 inch tv gave you the option to see 66% more zombies :smiley: (Well, actually on the tv it would be 100% more zombies going from 40" to 80" - if you could change it, like on the SC6000 and P4)

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So the bigger screen has more pixels, not just bigger pixels? Ok

I’ve never found the sc5000 screen too small though any way

Promises are good things.

Also there are a lot of posts I seen on searches where people have said they can’t dj properly without the essential feature of Preview track with out loading it properly. That need did surprise me but i suppose some would argue that knowing what track to play next m, instead of having silence is more important than the bpm being exact

Everyone’s got their own list of priority I suppose

I find the screen on the SC5000 perfect as well… but yeah, on the SC6000 you can get 66% more tracks listed.

The only 2 changes I´m really passionate about is the bpm stuff, and being able to pre-activate a loop before pressing play. Those 2 things is (again, in my opinion) really important to get fixed.

If you look at the x1850 it has the quantize function. This requires you to have your grids placed properly. I’m pretty sure they’ll be working on the standalone grid feature.

Until then the whole prime family will be singing the same tune :joy: with different bpms

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You’ll be able to do more with that big screen. Already plans are in the works to have Serato fx controlled from that huge screen when accessorizing for it comes.

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I went standalone to get rid of serato / traktor so having extra space for serato info isn’t of use for non-serato. I suppose denon might add an extra line of icons on the screen then.

The waveforms look ridiculously big on the 6000 screen already

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As I already made a comment on to @sbangs, they should integrate this view from the Prime Go, on all 2-layer screens (SC5000/ M and SC6000/M)

It would help so much to be able to see 2 moving waveforms, if using the duallayer ability.

A extra press on the View-button or Shift + View…


Or they could do this:

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I actually thought or wrongly assumed that its Prime 4 users mostly requesting for that function only for it to be added to the SC5000

I have nothing against it, but i dont use it.

I will rather use a deck to preview where i can actually see the waveform and also place hotcues or count bars. Eg playing a song that im not sure if its intro is 32beats or 64

It’s probably proportionate to the number of Prime model users. Because of price there are probably more prime 4 users than SC5000 users, maybe double as many prime 4s out there than pairs of sc5000s, so if there are twice as many requesss for track preview from prime4 users than track preview requests from SC users then that’s equal .

But we don’t know what the balance is between those user numbers. But I think Prime4 would be more as it’s cheap even though it’s been out less time.

I’m probably a few years older than most people posting on here…

Believe me, when your eyes start to go, you’ll be glad of that bigger screen! :slight_smile:


Or the future firmware updates can include the option to modify the font size and fields like artist, title, album to be displayed scrolling. Yes, you can loose some rows displaying on the screen, but at least one can see what his looking at.


The display for DJs who have vision problems made it bigger. Ohh but you’re never happy ehh …